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Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas

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Members say: Entertaining, Great acting, Delightful, Funny, Enchanting

About the show

Vital Theatre presents this new family-friendly musical about a young girl who is thrilled to decorate her Christmas tree with a whole new ornament. More…

What could be fancier than Christmas? Presents with elegant wrapping paper, festive decorations, Christmas cookies with sprinkles - and who could forget the tree? After all, there is no such thing as too much tinsel. This year, Nancy is especially excited. After selling some of her old gowns and accessories, Nancy has enough money to buy a brand-new sparkly tree topper. She can't wait to decorate the Christmas tree. But when things don't turn out the way Nancy planned, will Christmas still be splendiferous?

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Entertaining, Great acting, Delightful, Funny, Enchanting
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Kid-friendly, Great singing, Fluffy

See it if you want to take your kids to a show with the spirit of Christmas interlaced! Super cute.

Don't see it if ...I mean... just go see it. If you have kids, it's great fun for the afternoon.

Delightful, Entertaining, Funny

See it if you want to get a fancy take on the holiday. Great cast puts this over with charm, energy and great appeal.

Don't see it if you're over the holidays and the idea of little girls celebrating makes you cringe.

Funny, Enchanting, Delightful, Entertaining, Great acting

See it if Great Entertainment..I want to take my niece she would love it

Don't see it if I don't have anything to say

Absorbing, Great acting, Great writing, Intelligent, Hilarious

See it if You like great acting and writing...Totally original

Don't see it if Your easily offended


See it if wanderfull

Don't see it if amaising

Entertaining, Great acting, Great staging

See it if You can . What a great play . Would recommend anyone to go an see it . Really enjoyed it .

Don't see it if You are not into Christmas . It was amazing . Loved every minute of it

December 1st, 2015
"The hour long show is great for kids, but also entertaining for adults. The story has a nice arc, with nothing particularly cheesy or stereotypical happening, a catchy and clever score, and also, a heartwarming message...Every moment, thanks to director Sam Viverito, is tight and precise, but do...
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