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Fit for a Queen

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Members say: Quirky, Ambitious, Entertaining, Clever, Indulgent

About the show

Classical Theatre of Harlem presents the world premiere of Betty Shamieh's drama inspired by the life of Hatshepsut, one of the only female pharaohs to rule in Ancient Egypt. More…

The most dangerous opponent to Hatshepsut’s kingship turns out to be her own daughter. Full of intrigue, farce, and sexual politics, 'Fit for a Queen' illuminates the largely unknown history of a compelling African woman who took power over the most advanced civilization of the ancient world.

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Quirky, Ambitious, Entertaining, Clever, Indulgent
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Entertaining, Quirky, Ambitious, Clever

See it if If you're interested in a light-hearted show about rather weighty topics, including feminism, slavery and murder.

Don't see it if You don't appreciate fictional plays based on Egyptian history.

Also Very entertaining, but transitions a bit awkwardly between clever jibe... Read more Read less

Quirky, Indulgent, Ambitious, Raunchy

See it if you're not put off by over the top

Don't see it if productions that use contemporary language in historical contexts

Refreshing, Quirky, Great staging

See it if You like campy stories about the back stabbing ways of the royal court.

Don't see it if You like serious drama and don't like a bit of camp.

Ambitious, Entertaining, Uneven

See it if If you enjoy fun, campy theatre that has sexy elements this is a show for you. A little bit farce & a lot of bit soap opera

Don't see it if If you looking for a penetrating drama or a historical awakening.

Clever, Great acting, Resonant, Ambitious, Quirky

See it if you want some light entertainment with the opportunity to play armchair psychiatrist with family dynamics.

Don't see it if you do not long plays (two acts) and are not interested in family interactions.

October 7th, 2016
"Ms. Shamieh has taken promiscuous liberties with history to ponder the oppressiveness of sex and class in the days when the pyramids were new. She does so with a blitheness that often makes more earnest intentions hard to discern. 'Fit for a Queen' tries, with mixed success, to be many things at...
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October 11th, 2016
"A transhistorical mash-up of sensibilities that dispenses with the facts in favor of a feminist farce, albeit one about serious subjects such as slavery, subjugation and sexism...While 'Fit for a Queen' is intellectually stimulating, it's rarely emotionally engaging. Woodard doesn't manage to ma...
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October 17th, 2016
"The play, which mixes foolish farce with serious satire in equal degrees, has a generally fast pace that is sometimes bogged down with unequal acting. But when the going gets roughest, the ensemble of servants comes in to save the day, with ritualized dance that has a pronounced modern feel, as ...
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October 11th, 2016
"With a female writer, director, and predominantly female cast, 'Fit for a Queen' is refreshingly feminist...Though some scenes tend to lag, they are revived by the lively music and the brilliant ensemble of dancers in each effortless scene change. The music, the dancing, and the costumes all con...
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