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(Flying) Dutchman

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Amiri Baraka's 1964 text serves as foundation for The Theater of War's timely reconstruction examining eloquent blind fury, racial hysteria, sexual hysteria, and white obsession with silencing the black voice/body. More…

'(Flying) Dutchman' is part ceremony, townhall meeting, racial debate, hypnosis session, and rite created to navigate the haunted outer reaches of the human psyche. And to conjure up Baraka himself for marching orders, words of wisdom, our final wake up call. Theatre Of War strives to wipe away the dust from this artifact of a play, hoping it will serve as talisman and compass in these abnormal times.

0h 45m | Already closed | The Tank (Midtown W)

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"Effectively keeps the audience unsure and off-balance...Schenk's performance as Lula openly and appropriately signals its own performativity, heightened almost from the first. Hines is remarkable...'{Flying} Dutchman' preserves the incendiary, confrontational fury of the original, intensifies it with smart choices, and offers a discomfiting experience that denies closure. It may not be the typical experience for most NYC theater audiences, but that is perhaps to our detriment." Full Review

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