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From the Deep (FringeNYC)
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Absorbing, Great acting, Clever, Great writing, Intense

About the Show

Part of FringeNYC: Fates intertwine in a new dimension, beyond space and time. Israeli POW, Ilan, believes his freedom is nearly in sight. Across continents, abductee, Andrew, awaits his captor’s design. As time ticks away, they must learn to survive or disappear forever.

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Member Reviews (20)

Original, Thought-provoking, Insightful, Tour de force acting

See it if only for Linshaw's winning performance. Profound look at how loss of freedom strengthens or breaks human spirit. Fringe at its best!

Don't see it if you only like musicals..or can't face the harsh realities of the world of a POW. Worth seeing just for the acting & the strong script.

Absorbing, Intelligent, Profound, Ambitious, Great staging

See it if You would be inspired by the story of a soldier imprisoned for 5 years and how he continued to believe his life had meaning. I learned a lot

Don't see it if You are prejudiced against Israel. It is a universal story, though. Also, an intermission in a FringeNYC show is asking a lot.

Critic Reviews (5)

August 19th, 2016

"Cassie M. Seinuk’s absorbing 'From the Deep' spends two hours exploring the interplay between Israeli soldier Ilan and young American Andrew...There’s more than a touch of looming, Pinteresque menace, but the tension lags as the play goes on; Seinuk should probably leave more to the imagination. But Lindsay Eagle’s production doesn’t let the mood overwhelm the characters or the actors: Linshaw and especially Marcus reach admirable depths."
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August 14th, 2016

“The themes of how we survive different kinds of violence are explored with a specificity and maturity that impressed me, especially coming from a young playwright. I only wish the rest of the play had lived up to its premise...It does a truly great job of bringing to life the complexities and rules of the imagined world Seinuk has created...I’m hopeful that my reservations about this play are simply due to typical young-writer problems, and I’m eager to see what Seinuk writes next.”
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March 27th, 2015

"An intriguing new work that examines many facets of terror and loss of freedom. Under the steady directorial hand of Lindsay Eagle, two actors reveal multiple layers of themselves as their time of incarceration together lengthens…Both actors are superb in portraying the terror and boredom of indeterminate incarceration…A provocative and well-conceived play."
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March 20th, 2015

"A powerfully disturbing premiere…Seinuk makes her characters' respective fortunes very involving, and director Lindsay Eagle sharply paces their interactions as well as their personal struggles. Charles Linshaw as Ilan and Jeff Marcus as Andrew are remarkably affecting…Seinuk has dedicated her play in memory of her grandfather 'who taught me to always go from strength to strength.' The viscerally probing 'From the Deep' more than lives up to that teaching in a must-see premiere."
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March 17th, 2015

"Seldom has this reviewer seen a play set in a parallel universe, created entirely from the playwright’s imagination, transcend the genre of science fiction or the theater of the absurd. But like the best of Harold Pinter, Seinuk and her cast and crew of this production have created a riveting theatrical experience. The audience not only clutches their seats to find out the final outcome of the two trapped men but also hangs onto their every sentence of dialogue."
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