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The Bushwick Starr presents the story of a street Elmo, who rises to power using 'The Art of War,' an army of Elmos, and his deepest and most violent self. Primarily in Spanish with English supertitles.

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In a reworking of his 2013 play for one actor and a dirty "Sesame Street" Army, playwright and director William Burke joins forces with Modesto "Flako" Jimenez and the Brooklyn Gypsies Collective in this new Spanish/Spanglish/human translation of 'Furry! /LA Furia!' In order to care for his ailing son, a man dressed in his street Elmo best attempts take over the area of 42nd to 46th streets. Naked Cowboy beware. When Elmo Close...Elmo appear Far. The army gathers.

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The New York Times

"William Burke’s fractured, meandering monologue is a sometimes fascinating, more often confusingly indulgent trip…It’s a grotesque, unsettling vision…While the script is not making fun of those working in costume, it doesn’t explore what pushed them into the jobs, either. At a recent performance the audience giggled uneasily; running out screaming would have been just as valid a response." Full Review

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