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Theater for the New City presents a time-traveling adventure about a pair of married lesbians who are transported back to early 20th-century New York City.

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During an inexplicable seismic event in 2017, NYC spouses Becky and Mandy are flung through a window and land in a Greenwich Village theater a century prior. While searching for a way back home, they learn life lessons about prejudice, trust, and love, and discover that many of the issues and conflicts plaguing contemporary society—homophobia, racism, and anti-Semitism—haven’t changed much over the decades.

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"It’s worth checking out...Seeing Barbara Kahn’s plays can be quite a revelation. Whether or not you have a personal connection, as Kahn does, to any of the groups mentioned in the play, I think you’ll find it comforting to know that our city has had a considerable, long-lived movement for equality...The tireless cast unearth the many identities found in our neighborhood this last century, and they play these characters with great sincerity." Full Review

Masterful, Must see, Refreshing, Relevant, Great writing

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