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Gordy Crashes

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Over the next three days, Gordy will see the true extent of Superstorm Sandy’s devastation as his declining mental state steers him into a head-on collision with his own fear and anxiety. More…

Gordy is having a bad week. The storm has driven him out of his apartment and into a dizzying blur of other people’s couches, bad takeout, alcohol binges, boredom, stories of horrible destruction in the Rockaways, and aimless wandering between Manhattan and Brooklyn which all lands him, delirious and sleep-deprived, on the doorstep of his estranged ex-girlfriend.

1h 30m | Already closed | IRT Theater (West Village)

Theater In The Now

"The only times Byron falters is when he strays from the plot and ventures into moments of severe preachiness. While this may be a tactic of Gordy’s to deflect from the pain, Byron goes a little too deep into political opinions that do not define the plot...Director Sherri Eden Barber was blessed with a great script and outstanding cast, yet she was able to make it even better...With strong performances, a provocative script, and a overall powerful vision, 'Gordy Crashes' is a winning product... Full Review

Talkin' Broadway

"Despite a shaggy and meandering plot, 'Gordy Crashes' offers up sharp dialog that perfectly captures the insecurity and uncertainty that marks the lives of 20-somethings like Gordy, who has yet to find a replacement for the kind of intellectual argumentation that served him well as a college student. It is real life that eludes him now." Full Review

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