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Harakiri Kane (aka Die! Die, Again!)

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Members say: Funny, Quirky, Ambitious, Entertaining, Not very cohesive

About the show

The Brick and Gemini CollisionWorks present this new drama about a serial killer and a reluctant, amnesiac angel of death. More…

When angel of death Harry Kane uncovers the truth of his mortal demise, he tries to beat death at its own game only to fall in love with its most prized acolyte. Harry must choose whether to live forever as an immortal specter, or die, again, an honest man. Meanwhile, a serial killer with an impeccable palate searches for his own form of immortality as both a chef and a murderer .

1h 30m | Already closed | The Brick (Brooklyn)

“Harakiri Kane (aka Die! Die, Again!)” hasn't been reviewed by any Critics (yet!)

Funny, Ambitious, Quirky, Entertaining, Not very cohesive

See it if you like "episodic" storytelling, genre mixing (noir, comedy, paranormal, horror etc)

Don't see it if you want coherent narrative thread, or want subversive outcomes to go with the genre mix

Also walked away from this one thinking i'd love to see it done as a movie ... Read more Read less

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