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Hierba Mala Nunca Muere

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1h 40m | Already closed | Repertorio Espanol (Gramercy)

A comedic look at what happens when a dictator from another era lives well past his prime in denial of a changing world. Performed by Repertorio Espanol in Spanish with English subtitles. More…

Disguised as a blonde Russian, a young nurse is sent as an undercover assassin to finish off one of history’s longest reigning leaders. Though extreme old age has done most of the job for her, she and her assistant find that ‘El Comandante’ is harder to finish off than either of them ever imagined.

The New York Times

"Broad comedy that works pretty well and gives the writer a forum for airing all sorts of grievances against Mr. Castro. Racism is among the main ones. The play is performed in Spanish, with English subtitles available. Subtle comedy sometimes has a difficult time crossing a language barrier, but the slapstick humor here translates easily." Full Review

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