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Homeless and How We Got That Way

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About the show

Roust Theatre Company presents this world premiere drama about two veterans of homelessness who are haunted by the horrors of their pasts and a brutal murder in the present. More…

Roust's world premiere of Dan McCormick's new play offers insight into society's still-taboo underbelly and the human spirit that rises above it. 'Homeless' peels back the layers of the human psyche to reveal how, through addiction, we come face to face with the dark truths of our own nature. The play tries to shed light on people who had dreams and families and careers and love, yet tragically succumbed to the weight of the world that was far too heavy for them to carry. And in the end, we may realize we are not so different from them after all.

Theatre is Easy

"The success of the acting, directing and design elements notwithstanding, this play may still struggle to maintain your attention. While McCormack’s characters are wonderfully detailed with specific and well fleshed out histories, it’s not entirely clear why they need to exist in this play together....While the dialogue is snappy and pleasant to listen to, the writing lacks action and the characters lack objectives." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"Much to my chagrin this play is a mere exercise on exposition, verses of tepid tonality...Alas never reaching the apogee of introspective post-mortem for two lost souls, but rather emotively harnessing their fragmented pasts which are neither revelatory nor shocking but, on the contrary, rather banal and predictable, if not altogether fabricated and far-fetched." Full Review

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