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'Houseworld' is a surrealist immersive theater performance, performed in a transformed historic rectory. More…

'Houseworld' takes place in the San Damiano Mission, a storied church property in Williamsburg built in 1911. San Damiano's ornate church sanctuary, iron gated courtyard, and four-story rectory, complete with secret rooms, create a dreamlike repository for the mysteries of 'Houseworld.' Guests are free to find their own path, from the dark recesses of the basement to the illumination of the attic. Each room contains a different emotion. Each character represents a different facet of the human psyche. The surreal inhabitants of the house deliver a heightened sense of intimacy, which is often experienced one on one. Through exploring 'Houseworld,' the audience is invited into the deepest parts of themselves.

2h 30m | Already closed | San Damiano Mission (Brooklyn)

The New York Times

"Inhibition-melting fortification is advisable for anyone choosing to participate in this interactive, mazelike tour of a four-story church house built in 1911. On the other hand, don’t overfortify... Even though I declined the offers of potent potables that were made during my tour of 'Houseworld,' I still left in a foggy, anxious, slightly embarrassed state — one that felt an awful lot like a bona fide hangover." Full Review

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