Members say: Great singing, Entertaining, Funny, Delightful, Great staging

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Puerto Rican Traveling Theater presents a new tuner about family and music in '70s New York, starring salsa sensation Tito Nieves. Part of Teatro Fest NYC 2016.

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The Rodriguez family is living in New York City’s El Barrio in the early 1970s, when music was a proud expression of Latino culture amidst neighborhood volatility and social activism. The story centers on patriarch Don Roberto, who tries to instill good values in his children, and faces down the grit and chaos of the era. He works hard to hold his family together, and all the while music and imagination keep their souls afloat. Featuring classic songs by Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Willie Colón, Héctor Lavoe, Rubén Blades, Johnny Pacheco, Pete El Conde, La Lupe, and others. Mostly in Spanish with English supertitles.

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"It's a delightful jukebox extravaganza certain to have you on your feet by the end of the show...'I Like It Like That' suffers from many of the same flaws seen in other musicals that attempt to shoehorn a parade of hits into a manufactured plot: The exposition is clunky, with no plot line getting truly adequate attention...But honestly, the music is so much fun and the singing so impressive, it's easy to forgive a touch-and-go plot...The band sounds excellent, as does everyone in the cast." Full Review

Lighting & Sound America

"Audiences at jukebox musicals can be remarkably forgiving; mostly they just want to hear the songs they know and love. So it is with 'I Like It Like That'...The songs are delivered with brio by an an excellent band and the cast...It's hard not to feel that a fine opportunity has been squandered; what would it take to put together a cogent musical celebration with story lines that really went somewhere?...In any case, I suspect that this show will entertain everyone in its target audience." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"It’s been a long time since I saw an audience enjoy itself at a show as much as...‘I Like it Like That,’ a sketchily written, broadly acted, but rousingly joyful, jukebox musical...‘I Like it Like That’ is often clumsy...and the attempts at social relevance are more nostalgic than documentarian, but none of this matters very much. I liked it like that, and so, I’m sure, will you." Full Review

Times Square Chronicles

"The score is infectious with a vocal powerhouse of a cast. Each one sings better than the next....The show has numbers by Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri and Rubén Blades, but adds in original music...This is where the show does’t exactly succeed...The book is flimsy and the choreography energetic but simplistic...This is the problem with most jukebox musicals. The story is suited to add the numbers...However what we do get is the sense of family and love of where they come from." Full Review


"Maldonado and Jáquez have crafted a flavorful and sturdy scenario that, though hackneyed, is emotionally involving. Most importantly, they’ve created a framework for the performance of over 30 salsa songs...The combination of Jáquez’s solid direction and lively choreography yields a fast-paced and vibrant presentation...Despite its formulaic story, 'I Like It Like That' is quite exhilarating with its sensational salsa renditions as performed by its appealing cast and excellent band." Full Review

Theater In The Now

"The plot is thin. So are the characters. But it's an experience to witness the participatory reactions from the audience...The truth is 'I Like It Like That' pulls the wool over their eyes. If you truly dissect this show, it's sadly not a good theatrical product...In reality, it's a thin book musical with a little jukebox thrown in...It’s the energy of the music that brings this show together. If you’re looking for a strong musical, this is not it. If you want to have fun, you’ll like this." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"A lively musical about the '70s that's a true feast of salsa packed with exhilarating fun and the people’s genuine love for El Barrio...A simple, moving story set against a complex historical background...'I Like It Like That' has much to offer in diversifying New York's musical theatre scene. The show captures the sweet and sorrowful essence of its characters, and is also a joyous time capsule." Full Review

NYC Splash

"It doesn’t take long to fall in love with 'I Like It Like That'...The characters are rich. They feel familiar fast...The power of music is on display. The music of great Latin artists like Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, and many others, keeps the plot moving and the audience singing...It’s a fun party, one-part drama and many parts comedy. Not just a little bit funny, but several belly laughs. 'I Like It Like That' entertains on every level...You’ll leave feeling uplifted, and singing." Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews

Edgy, Must see, Refreshing, Relevant, Great singing

See it if You want to see what it was like being raise in the heights trough a hard year

Don't see it if If you don't understand Hispanic culture

Delightful, Relevant, Entertaining

See it if you want to enjoy an absorbing family story, performed by a powerful charismatic ensemble, set to the greatest salsa of the 70s

Don't see it if you are expecting a slick production & perfect dramaturgy; if you don't already love the music; if you want to miss some great performances

Entertaining, Great singing, Great staging

See it if You love Spanish music, with a cast of wonderful Singers and great Staging...though a weak underdeveloped story.

Don't see it if Don't like Spanish music, culture and a brief history of El Barrio!

Clever, Must see, Great singing

See it if If you're latino or from el barrio or love Latin music.

Don't see it if If you don't like Latin music or understand the culture. If you don't like Spanglish plays.

Also This was incredible. This play is now on my top 10 list. So much fun

Thought-provoking, Banal, Disappointing, Overrated, Great singing

See it if you like Latin music and song.

Don't see it if forced/overacting, and uneven flow of relevant topics is not for you.

Funny, Entertaining, High energy, Scrappy

See it if you enjoy salsa music and understand spanish -- the songs are all in spanish and the subtitling (projected onto the stage) is inconsistent.

Don't see it if you are not fond of loud, exuberant audiences -- expect alot of Wepa! outbursts throughout the performance.

Ambitious, Cliched, Dated, Entertaining, Great singing

See it if You love Salsa music. Tito Nieves and the rest of the cast voices are phenomenal.

Don't see it if If you don't like Salsa music. Feels dated and cliched, story does not flow well.

Indulgent, Entertaining, Great singing, Great staging, Fluffy

See it if you speak Spanish (subtitles available, but you still miss stuff), you like Latin music (specifically Salsa), you like Tito Nieves

Don't see it if you don't speak Spanish and don't care for Latin music. It's basically a jukebox musical featuring Salsa hits with a very thin story

Funny, Cute, Great singing, Enjoyable

See it if Like Latin music and easy evening out. Older actress is a comic gem- wish she was on more

Don't see it if You do not exhuberant but frequently amateurish production. Very poor story line

Delightful, Refreshing, Great singing, Great staging

See it if If you like Latin music and want to laugh. Culturally appropriate for all.

Don't see it if You don't want to read some subtitles. (Not that many) or are not a fan of musicals or Latin music

Delightful, Relevant, Entertaining, Joyous, Great music & singing

See it if you like Salsa & Latin music. Richer & funnier if you're Latino or know Spanish but it's not necessary for this fun, joyously performed show

Don't see it if you dislike Salsa, Latin music, PR culture, NY in the 70's or the rare chance of seeing this fun and hugely talented cast and amazing band.

Also A show celebrating the rich history of NYC's el Barrio and the Salsa m... Read more Read less

Delightful, Cliched, Entertaining, Fluffy

See it if you like salsa, Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri. The band is great and so are some of the actors.

Don't see it if not understanding Spanish or cultural references would bother you. The plot seemed very contrived, made to fit songs they wanted to use.

Disappointing, Overrated

See it if If you like listening to salsa music for over two hours with actors who are not good, except for 1 female dancer, and 1 female singer.

Don't see it if If you are used to good singing and dancing.

Funny, Delightful, Refreshing, Entertaining, Great singing

See it if You want to have a fun evening of theatre with lotsa rhythm and heart. You'll be up on your feet dancing by the end.

Don't see it if You want to see a serious play or have trouble following along with a show that uses English and Spanish with English subtitles.

Funny, Entertaining, Great singing, Great staging

See it if You're curious about The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater! You enjoy Latin song and dance with a story about El Barrio in the 70s

Don't see it if You're looking for ready for broadway theater. You don't enjoy the audience singing along to some of the songs which are Spanish w/subtitles

Must see, Refreshing, Riveting, Entertaining, Great singing

See it if You enjoy lively classic salsa music

Don't see it if You dislike salsa and/or are offended by profanity

Ambitious, Entertaining, Great singing

See it if Understand Spanish and enjoy lyrics to salsa music. Some really good singing but not a great storyline.

Don't see it if Have issues reading the English subtitles on a small screen which is at times obscured by the actors. If you don'tike salsa:skip

Enchanting, Great acting, Must see, Great singing, Great staging

See it if you enjoy melodic, rhythmic Hispanic music and book brilliantly performed, regardless whether you understand Spanish or can read subtitles

Don't see it if you do not enjoy Hispanic music regardless whether you understand Puerto Rican Spanish (subtitles difficult to see from any audience seat)

Cliched, Entertaining, Great singing, Creative staging

See it if you like salsa music and want to see a show more for the music than the plot, which was thin and trite. Creative use of a simple set.

Don't see it if you don't speak some Spanish (or don't mind not catching everything). Spanish lyrics and some dialogue projected on the wall but hard to see

Disappointing, Cliched, Great singing, Overdone, Great band

See it if You love salsa music and aren't bothered by canned, overdone acting and boring dialogue.Disclaimer: Left at intemission so missed 2nd half

Don't see it if You get bored when there isn't a compelling story/developed characters and dislike extreme, caricatured acting in an intimate venue.

Also Would have been better in a larger venue (where the caricatured acting... Read more Read less

Funny, Delightful, Resonant, Entertaining, Great singing

See it if you enjoy Latino culture and music, family drama, and stories set in El Barrio.

Don't see it if you dislike Latino culture or dislike the Spanish language.

Also The cast and orchestra did an amazing job! Subtitles are available if ... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Good music, Great singing

See it if you understand Spanish and enjoy musical shows

Don't see it if you don't understand Spanish

Also I didn't read the last line where it states that most of the show is i... Read more Read less

Delightful, Great singing, Energetic

See it if you like latin and salsa music. The entire company have beautiful, strong voices, it is worth it to see them alone. Great energy throughout.

Don't see it if you need a strong story. Like many jukebox musicals, it's difficult to produce a compelling story line. This one is serviceable.

Also The projections were a nice touch, and I thought could have been utili... Read more Read less

Funny, Delightful, Entertaining, Great singing

See it if You want to see a fun show with great singing. You love 70's salsa music.

Don't see it if You do not like 70's salsa music. You want a show that is all in English. (it does have super titles).

Funny, Delightful, Great singing

See it if you love experiencing a wonderful culture and like salsa music preformed with a lot of humor and energy

Don't see it if you want a tight story-line, it meanders a bit to get in the music but the music is great!

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