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Kapow-i GoGo

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Members say: Entertaining, Ambitious, Hilarious, Epic, Quirky

About the show

This cycle of three plays is a live-action comedy mash up of Dragon Ball Z, graphic novels, space operas, the Final Fantasy series, and every after-school cartoon you watched in the mid-to-late '90s. More…

Presented as a cycle of 3 plays back to back on one marathon day, the story follows heroine Kapow-i GoGo, who is going to have to save the world...again. On a never ending adventure, she journeys to collect all the legendary Hydra Crystals, while on her way to far-flung future dystopias. On the way, she must also battle power-mad cybernetic generals, giant robots, mountain monsters and assorted other final bosses in order to save the princess. Will she be victorious?

On Stage Blog

"Go see it. Go see it. Go see it. Go see it. Go see it. Go see it... I’m running out of ways to say that you must go and see 'Kapow-i GoGo.' I haven’t had this much fun at the theatre in ages." Full Review

On Stage Blog

"I can’t think of single reason why you shouldn’t go and see ‘Kapow-i GoGo’. Okay, I lie. If you are unfamiliar with the world of Saturday morning cartoons, the play may seem quite alien to you. As condescending as it may seem, an older audience might not get it. But if you have any knowledge, no matter how cursory, of Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Mario, or Cowboy Bebop, this is a show you are going to love. It’s fun, funny, and it never lets up.' Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"For anime fans or anyone who just enjoys general joy and laughter, 'Kapow-i GoGo' is a mystical dragon-granted wish come true... Who the hell does this show think it is, having fun with giant swords and dragons and fight choreography and only letting me watch from the sidelines? Eff this show for being a 100 miles-per-hour roller coaster of fun and leaving me only to talk about how awesome it is. It’s so good. Congratulations, 'Kapow-i GoGo' for being good. You jerk." Full Review

Theater In The Now

For Part 1: "A colorful and whimsical world that is reminiscent of the anime, video games, and cartoons you grew up on... 'Kapow-i GoGo' is all fun and games but hidden deep inside is insight, wisdom, and a great message. And that marks the sign of a true champion. 'Kapow-i GoGo' has a long, bright future." Full Review

New York Theatre Review

"It is a delirious five-hour fever dream of pop culture theatre. You will cheer, your inner-child will beam, and it will be over before you know it. By the ending moments, one feels the same bittersweet emotion as watching the final episode of a favorite tv show. Here's to hoping that these marathons will continue indefinitely and that 'Kapow-i GoGo' will provide opportunities for many repeat viewings, several spin-off series, and a line of action figures." Full Review


"An ideal evening out for those of us raised on The Legend of Zelda and Toonami, 'Kapow-i GoGo' started life as a popular series of brief plays at #serials at The Flea, now reconceived into three somewhat stand-alone plays best experienced in an orgy of back to back to back madcap adventure theater." Full Review

Geeks Out

"Directed with gorgeous tableau work and zippy pacing, the episodic epic follows the spunky Kapow-i through the years as she grows, loves, and, fights alongside a fantastic cast of characters...Yes, this marathon production runs about the length of about 2 Les Miserableses but these 5 hours might be the most fun you could have at a theatre this summer. With a short break after each episode and 2 full intermissions, the hyper-episodic format of 'Kapow-i' give the audience a live, communal bing... Full Review

Theater In The Now

For Part 2: "The production team behind 'Kapow-i GoGo' continue to do a fabulous job bringing Cox’s world to life. The cardboard and duct tape props and costumes are still shining stars, many items returning to action. Keeping the vocabulary consistent from part 1 to part 2 allowed Cox’s departure from the lightness come naturally. With only one part remaining, the 'Kapow-I' brand remains strong giving the audiences a perfect escape from the mundane." Full Review

Theater In The Now

For Part 3: "No one likes when a good thing comes to an end. But all series have to find a way to wrap their journey up nicely. And 'Kapow-i GoGo,' Matt Cox’s epic series, is no different... Saying goodbye is never easy, but there’s a bright future for a life for 'Kapow-i GoGo.' Whether it be a new venue or a different medium, expect more." Full Review


"Perhaps the most impressive element of 'Kapow-i GoGo,' is how it manages to be both openly comical and internally consistent, invoking real drama while at the same time making us laugh. Though its frequent stage combat scenes awkwardly hover between realistic and comic styles, the rest of the performance handles that dichotomy perfectly, a heart-warming and laugh-out-loud production that makes you want to immediately go back and play all of the video games it references." Full Review

Fuck Yeah Great Plays

"The episodes move at breakneck speed, pinging from location to location and introducing loads of characters and plot points. At times the show is on the verge of being overstuffed, but then characters die (this is a video game world, after all) and storylines are abandoned and the map comes on and we move to the next spot. While this probably worked better in the serialized format, where there was a week between episodes, when they are all continuous it becomes more noticeable." Full Review

Funny, Ambitious, Delightful, Epic, Quirky

See it if You ever watched Saturday morning cartoons.

Don't see it if You hate laughter.

Ambitious, Epic, Must see, Hilarious, Entertaining

See it if You have a nostalgia for 90's Saturday morning cartoons, and classic video games from our childhoods. A brilliant mash-up of our childhood!

Don't see it if You hate good theater.

Original, Ambitious, Epic, Great writing, Entertaining

See it if you like comic books and video games OR if you like clever theatre with great young actors!

Don't see it if you can't spend the day getting to know the characters!

Funny, Clever, Great writing, Hilarious, Entertaining

See it if you want to laugh your ass off.

Don't see it if you are easily offended by anything.

Ambitious, Epic, Quirky, Refreshing, Hilarious

See it if You ever experienced anime/Zelda/Mario/any nerd staple. Or even if you haven't, it's just an epic, hilarious and endearing show.

Don't see it if theres no reason.

Funny, Original, Clever, Quirky, Entertaining

See it if You're a lover of comic con.

Don't see it if You hate theatre.

Delightful, Edgy, Refreshing, Hilarious, Entertaining

See it if totally enjoyable

Don't see it if if you don't like puppets

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