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Last Call

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terraNOVA Collective and IRT Theater present a one woman show set at a busy bar, created through physical movement and an intricate, highly integrated soundscape. More…

Set during one chaotic shift at a bustling NYC bar, Terri pours drinks for her needy and quirky customers while fending off phone calls from her about-to-be-homeless mother. Based on real life experiences, stories and actual customers, 'Last Call' is an energetic play about family, about boundaries and about how much to tip.

1h 20m | Already closed | IRT Theater (West Village)

Times Square Chronicles

"A punchy one-woman comi-tragedy...Tremendous story-telling—the kind of non-judgmental, unpolluted story-telling that proves again that honesty is everything...Though the story was told heart-breakingly well, I would return again just to see Terri transform the black-box theater into a bar at the peak of happy-hour on the Lower East Side. This is not one to miss." Full Review

Lighting & Sound America

"'Last Call' isn't as funny as it wants to be; she would do well to bring in someone to polish the script with some sharper wisecracks. But Girvin is an extremely affable performer, her account of working the bar crowd is full of engaging details, and the entire piece is given a dramatic spine by the nagging question of what to do about Gwen." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"She juxtaposes this family drama with the drama of a night at a busy bar, skillfully performing every type of interaction a bartender might have in one night. From cutting people off to explaining how irritating it is when people wave their money to get your attention, Terri brings to life an entire microcosm of New York." Full Review

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