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Little Red's Hood

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About the show

City Parks Foundation presents the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre's contemporary twist on the classic tale of 'Little Red Riding Hood.' More…

Like many of today’s children, Little Red is a smart, young city  slicker who is too focused on her smartphone to notice her surroundings. Wulfric is a misunderstood wolf with a sweet tooth. When Little Red travels from New York City to the country to deliver some cupcakes to her Grandma, she encounters a colorful cast of characters as Wulfric the Wolf tries to head her off at the pass. This puppet show is best for very young children.

The New York Times

“This clever show seems better suited to children old enough to understand computers...The very young won’t grasp the many New York references, though adults will chuckle often...But even preschoolers will enjoy the high-kicking sweets and the rollicking slapstick, expertly executed by the puppeteers. Although the show’s title may lead you to expect all this fun to unfold to hip-hop, the few musical numbers tend toward jazz piano and smooth pop." Full Review

Funny, Clever, Enchanting, Exquisite, Dated

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