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Love, Medea

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Members say: Lovely dance & special effects, Pretentious, Exhausting, Ambitious, Greek chorus

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In this new adaptation of  Euripides’ "Medea" title character reclaims her own narrative. More…

From the show:

Love, Medea is a quest for Medea’s uncharted odyssey. What is her own epic narrative, heretofore unsung? Part theatre piece, part dance show, part haute couture runway and part art/light instillation, we ebb and flow from radio plays to vacuum ballets, examining the mythic structures alive in our own society: the pervasive glow of media manipulation and our society’s unquenchable consumption of the other. As Medea seeks to heal, we may glimpse slivers of a greater story that haunts us to this day: that of a woman stripped of voice and homeland, who sacrificed her heart to put a man’s heroic epic before her own. She was once content to stay meek in his shadow. But, no more… 

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Lovely dance & special effects, Pretentious, Exhausting, Ambitious, Greek chorus
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Ambitious, Indulgent, Terrible media production, Brilliant lead, High concept

See it if you're interested in modern views of ancient myths. It starts classical then goes wild reflecting various issues using TV segments and music

Don't see it if you like your myths traditional. The original plot is lost in the elaborations. Terrible sound system and screen choice weakens their use.

Also The pews in this church are very hard. Even those with cushions become... Read more Read less

Exhausting, Pretentious, Incongruous, Disappointing, Contrived

See it if you want to support the young players & company; are curious about "modern" takes on classics;like valiant efforts in experimental theater

Don't see it if you prefer a successful new version of the old Greek tale, with competent, classical acting, an understandable script & professional staging

Also An 'everything but the kitchen sink' production. Poor misunderstood Me... Read more Read less

Medea in a poetic & modern take, Greek chorus, Strong actress, Lovely dance & special effects

See it if You’d like a Medea made of earth kissed by dew, whose home is built by walls between (not around), whose kids are represented by lobsters.

Don't see it if You don’t like rich language, a modern spin, a woman lustful for another verse, w/ takes from Casa Blanca, Lucille Ball & Cat in the Hat.

Also This is an exceptionally creative piece of theater, definitely worth a... Read more Read less

January 14th, 2020
"Written by Peter Gray and directed by Michael Alvarez, the new play aims to cut through the mythological fog in order to tell the tale not as a grand tragedy but as the story of an ordinary woman who finds herself doing monstrous things in a cruel world."
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