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Ludwig and Bertie

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Members say: Intelligent, Great acting, Thought-provoking, Ambitious, Absorbing

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This world premiere takes on the forty-year love/hate relationship between Ludwig Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell, two leading twentieth-century philosophers. More…

From the show:

Russell is heterosexual, hedonistic and agnostic; Wittgenstein is puritanical, gay and Jewish. Russell is an imprisoned pacifist; Wittgenstein a decorated combat soldier. Wittgenstein is intensely religious; Russell mocks religion from first to last. Wittgenstein regards Russell as his “mental father,” but their relationship has elements of rivalry.

In Lackey’s telling, Wittgenstein’s thinking kindles the demolition of facts in our post-truth world while Russell’s inspires the National Science Foundation. This play will show you how.

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Intelligent, Great acting, Thought-provoking, Ambitious, Absorbing
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Clumsy, Confusing, Intelligent, Absorbing, Slow

See it if You like historical dramas. This is interesting, well acted and given a lot of energy trying to make it come to life.

Don't see it if You have no interest in learning anything about either of the two principles. They spend way too much time moving set pieces around.

Thought-provoking, Clever, Profound, Intelligent

See it if You like these two philosophers or knowing a little about them. Good acting and directing. About two completley different people.

Don't see it if If you need something that requires less attention or something like. It helps to know who these people are before you go to see it.

Well-played leads, Historical, Long, Philosophical, Smart

See it if you are interested in 20th century history or philosophy or both.

Don't see it if neither history nor philosophy interest you: In this play the drama of the situations almost requires an outside framework.

Also I enjoyed every minute of “Ludwig and Bertie,” but have to admit it pr... Read more Read less

Intelligent, Great staging, Great acting, Clever, Thought-provoking

See it if you want to experience a good biographical play that makes complex philosophy comprehensible while acknowledging the influence of history.

Don't see it if you dislike plays depicting serious subjects even with a sprinkling of humor and interesting staging.

Intelligent, Great staging, Ambitious, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if you like good character studies and the conflict between two very different people. Wonderful acting and effective staging.

Don't see it if you don't like talk about philosophy much of which was above my head. The great characters made it worth it.

Quirky, Fluffy, Great acting

See it if You enjoy period pieces...Changes of set every 15 minutes or so...

Don't see it if A very long play with very little to say...

Terrible staging, Slow, Good acting, Confusing, Ambitious

See it if you're interested in philosophy especially Wiggenstein & Russell; historical plays; UK academia; enjoy new plays.

Don't see it if you're uninterested in history of philosophy,know little about it,dislike "Wikipedia come to life plays," prefer polished, well-staged play

Also This play might be better with better staging. There are dozens of sce... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Intelligent

See it if you have an interest in philosophy. It's helpful to have some familiarity with the characters and their relationship beforehand.

Don't see it if philosophy and philosophers bore you.

Also i had trouble hearing some of the fast-talking actors so I would recom... Read more Read less

Perfect gem of a play, 1st class acting from entire cast, Heady intellectual jousting

See it if you'd like an intellectual feast laid out by Stan Buturla & Connor Bond as the sparring Bertie & Ludwig, both mathemeticians & philosophers.

Don't see it if you dislike philosophy or big ideas set against the history of Europe's last 2 great wars.

Also The low-budget theater offers a stationary set w/ actors changing scen... Read more Read less

Intelligent, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if you want to see the relationship of 2 bright philosophers who have 2 different points of view about life and logic.

Don't see it if This is small scale theater that packs a punch...very talky but worth seeing

Deserves a better production, Relevant, Superbly acted, Emotionally engaging, Intellectually stimulating

See it if you want to luxuriate in the brilliance of two great philosophers of different culture and temperament seeking to understand Essential Truth

Don't see it if u r uninterested the heady brew of such questions as the nature of ''fact", the primacy of the scientific world view, the role of language

Also Lest you surmise that this piece is dry and bloodless, let me disabuse... Read more Read less

Thought-provoking, Tedious

See it if you want a portrayal of the relationship over nearly 40 years of two intellectual giants done by two capable actors.

Don't see it if you mind a possibly boring play with some production issues, and a ton of dead time and a wealth of characters who serve no purpose.

Also This play should be rewritten as a two person dialogue play done in on... Read more Read less

Impressively on-point makeup/costume, Informative, Good acting

See it if you love Bertrand Russel, Ludwig Wittgenstein or philosphy/logic. I delighted in seeing them come to life. I enjoyed Ludwig's development.

Don't see it if your idea of entertainment does not include surface level discussions of European male philosophical ideas. This play isn't more.

Uneven, Intelligent

See it if interested in philosophy or history

Don't see it if avoiding mostly-cerebral plays

Also A decent production of a decent play, there is much to enjoy and much ... Read more Read less

Detail packed, Thought-provoking, Ambitious

See it if you are truly interested in learning more about 2 men who made a huge difference in each other's lives.

Don't see it if you are not interested in true stories.

A fine theatrical treatment of a piece of history and philosophy that is worth our attention; well-acted, Intelligent, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if If philosophy, history and madness interest you

Don't see it if you are looking for light or amusing theater

Schematic, Intelligent, Confusing, Disappointing, Ambitious

See it if you are au courant with 20th century philosophical debates.

Don't see it if you could care less about philosophical approaches to logic.

Great play and an education about philosophy

See it if You are interested in philosophy and/or history based shows.

Don't see it if You are looking for a big Broadway musical.

Thought-provoking, Intelligent, Great acting, Clever

See it if you are interested in philosophy and the lives and ideas of two of its greatest practitioners.

Don't see it if If you aren't interested in philosophy or history or are looking for something light.

Resonant, Ambitious, Quirky

See it if you are versed in philosophy; if the piece had a heart, it must have come up in act two.

Don't see it if you are not; I found it too brainy for its own good and could not engage to stay past intermission.

Smart writing, Great acting, Great writing

See it if you want to see strong actors play smart characters saying smart and thought provoking things. A well conceived show done... well.

Don't see it if you don't care for philosophy or wordy shows. This one has a lot of both!

Also I really liked this show and thought it was well directed and very wel... Read more Read less

Absorbing play on unusual subject

See it if You like to see historical characters depicted authentically and in context. Never boring, it brings to life an abstruse academic debate

Don't see it if you had to look up who Ludwig and Bertie were. Some background on the protagonists and their milieu is helpful to appreciate the play

Also Well written and well directed, this play about two Cambridge philosop... Read more Read less

Clever, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if you like profound, serious, talky plays about reality and other esoteric ideas in philosophy

Don't see it if you want light entertainment and philosophy bores you.

Slow, Intelligent

See it if you want to see how philosophers have a battle of wits.

Don't see it if you want to see how philosophers have a battle of wits.

Intelligent, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if Good acting and interesting topic, one out of control genius and another fatherly mentor.

Don't see it if If you don't like a lot of talking, or get impatient with short scenes and lots of furniture moving.

Also I think the scenery is over-wrought, less furniture and more action!

October 3rd, 2019
"'Ludwig and Bertie' gives us insight into the relationship of two of our greatest twentieth century philosophers...Bertie, played smartly by Stan Buturla, is the wise old professor at Cambridge when he meets the almost half his age young student Ludwig, poignant, headstrong and hungry..."
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