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Lulu XX

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Inspired by German playwright Frank Wedekind's timeless female protagonist, this world premiere cross-media performance challenges the idolatry and misogyny of the male gaze in artistic representation of women. More…

From the show:

In 2019, WaxFactory celebrates its 20th anniversary with LULU XX, a new cross-media performance, devised by the company's co-founders. Our production, inspired by Wedekind's timeless female protagonist, challenges the idolatry and misogyny of the male gaze in artistic representation of women, exposing its conflicting tendencies. Inspired by the momentum of feminist protest, we revisit the unapologetic heroine, asking new questions about agency, representation and violence in the contemporary world.

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Clever, Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Quirky, Confusing
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Edgy, Great acting, Clever, Absorbing, Ambitious

See it if Great staging! Well done play noir about a woman in different life situations. Great acting. An edgy play that keeps you interested. 50 min

Don't see it if Has a lot of violent themes to it. If you want a cheerful play.

Referential, Brilliantly designed, Great performance, Eye-popping, Cross-media

See it if you’d like a sharp, episodic “cross-media” contemporization of a notorious 20th century femme fatale so the woman herself now sets the terms

Don't see it if you’re looking for a standard drama, or a straight update of Wedekind’s Lulu plays.

Also I found “LULU XX” a smart, funny & fully engaging hour. It hardly tell... Read more Read less

Thought-provoking, Quirky, Entertaining, Great staging, Clever

See it if you'd like grand staging with great lighting and visual projections on which a series of themes are portrayed by 1 actress with a few props.

Don't see it if you are looking for a play - this is performance art, impeccably carried out by the technicians and an energetic performer.

Mixed media, Great staging, Quirky, Performance art, Ambitious

See it if you are curious about performance art. This is as good as it gets - mixed media dedicated imagery in service to an idea. Exquisite costumes

Don't see it if you expect a play - no plot, little dialog, short duration,

Feld like watch noir film shorts, Great staging, Clever, Great acting, Edgy

See it if Edgy, fast pace, with each short alittle violent. Its sexy and powerful but all end deadly.

Don't see it if Not Standard drama, not for everyone, has strong flashlight one part.

Thought-provoking, Terrific sharp, edgy design, Great visuals, sound and lighting, Absorbing, Ambitious

See it if You're up for a visually striking, inventively designed production; terrific use of lights/sound/setting and atmosphere creating A+ images.

Don't see it if Expecting narrative or a modern update of Wedekind or Pandora's Box; an empowered, visually edgy Lulu, but an ultimately modest and prim one

Also A lot of thought, care, imagination and money went into this reinterpr... Read more Read less

Dizzying, Confusing, Quirky, Raunchy, Great staging

See it if Experimental & surreal; strong female soloist; artsy devices; spacious seating area

Don't see it if Know little about “Lulu”; expect a STORY; loud gunshot & strong flashlight; more like a installation at MoMA

Plotless, Theme and variation, Striking performance, Luxe design on a shoestring

See it if you enjoy performance art, done by a skilled team.

Don't see it if you want story, structure, emotion.

Confusing, Edgy, Exquisite, Ambitious

See it if into the experimental and visually inclined

Don't see it if if you NEED a plot

Also A one-woman visual extravaganza, mixing film-noir, high-fashion, and e... Read more Read less

Avant garde, Dark, Thought-provoking, Great staging, Edgy

See it if The writing and acting are not so strong on this production but the set design and visual effects are super worthy seeing it.

Don't see it if If you don't like guns or dark humorous subjects.

Intense, Dizzying, Confusing, Ambitious, Clever

See it if you liked fast-paced, non-linear theatre that offers a fast paced, visually stunning experiences and pistol packin’ femme fatales!

Don't see it if if long sequences of bright flashing lights do not appeal, or if you’re expecting a clear story line. Also, be prepared for multiple murders

Performance art, Absorbing, Clever, Thought-provoking

See it if You want to experience an advant-garde production in an intimate setting. You

Don't see it if You are interested in conventional theater piece. This show was comprised of vignettes.

Unusual, Quirky, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Clever

See it if You are interested in new ways of exploring and deconstructing how women have been presented/stereotyped in the media

Don't see it if You only like theater with a linear plot, feminist issues/perspectives don't interest you

Fun, Visually interesting, Fluffy, Quirky, Enchanting

See it if enjoy terrific visuals or high end vaudeville.

Don't see it if you are not interested in experimental theater or Performance Art.

Must see, Exquisite, Clever

See it if You are a fan of multidisciplinary story telling.

Don't see it if Prefer a traditional play.

Also This production fires on all cylinders and it's a pity it doesn't have... Read more Read less

Well-designed, Dated, Ambitious, Confusing

See it if you’re into experimental, avant-garde, technically impressive, well-designed, non-linear theatrical experiences.

Don't see it if you’re seeking a traditional play or solo show with clear narrative, or if flashing lights disturb you.

Great acting, Exquisite, Clever, Absorbing

See it if You like stunning visual productions and gender based themes.

Don't see it if You don't like a avant garde theater and/or violent themes.

Imaginative,, Ambitious, Confusing

See it if You are interested in shows very loosely centered around a theme/concept but more a collection of images/sequences for you to apply meaning.

Don't see it if You want meaning spelled out, or want recognizable evidence of the Wedekind plays on which it's based; or you want to feel more than watch.

Thought-provoking, Visually striking, Edgy, Ambitious

See it if You're familiar with the Lulu character. This is likely the most striking, visually, if not the clearest as regards the narrative.

Don't see it if If you're expecting any sort of narrative; the various scenes only refer and hint specifically to different aspects of the film and story,

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