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Man: Solo

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Bedlam's festival of One Act Plays features 4 one-man plays in repertory: "The Dork Knight," "Popular Mechanics," "Bigfoot Stole My Wife," and "Cry Havoc." More…

"The Dork Knight" strolls down a cinematic memory lane that begins with Tim Burton's iconic 1989 blockbuster and ends with Christopher Nolan's trilogy. "Bigfoot Stole My Wife" is a series of stories of love, loss and the bizarre - told through the many voices. "Popular Mechanics" is a memoir/speculation, a surreal tour of the Cold War and beyond. In "Cry Havoc," a war veteran hops off Amtrak deep in the mountains of Montana and finds himself at a performance of Richard III that will change his life forever.

The Little Rebellion

for a previous production "O’Connell didn’t just impersonate the characters of Nicholson’s terrifying Joker or Bale’s raspy Batman, he spoke through them, as if for a moment on that darkly-lit stage, they were standing there speaking directly to him." Full Review

Roll Magazine

for a previous production "O’Connell’s autobiography keeps you glued to his life’s journey driven by his Batman fixation. An adept storyteller, O’Connell seamlessly weaves in his own story with his impersonations of the actors who have played Batman. With wit and comedic spin, O’Connell masters different personas with a flow that builds to a captivating momentum." Full Review

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