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Mary Speaks

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Theater for the New City presents the world premiere of Angela Polite's solo show, which examines the parallels between the biblical figures of Mary and Jesus and the history of black mothers and their sons. More…

In Mother Mary, Angela Polite finds a prototype for the struggle of African-American mothers to raise and keep their sons alive in a society where their very existence is seen as a threat and can quickly lead to crucified black bodies. Through monologues, music, spoken word, and dance, we follow a mother and son from the auction block to the Jim Crow South, through the Great Migration and segregation to the present day.

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March 2nd, 2017
"A moving series of stories about black mothers and sons...The production is stripped down. Polite doesn’t have flashy props or much in the way of a set. It’s mostly about her body and her voice, which changes dramatically to suit whichever of the many characters she portrays throughout...It’s a ...
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