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Memoriam: After Euripides' Alcestis (FringeNYC)

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Members say: Clever, Great writing, Great acting, Absorbing, Delightful

About the show

Part of FringeNYC: What if you could bring her back? Inspired by millennia of wishful thinking, Kaliski (West Lethargy, Gluten!) indulges in the impossible, reuniting a dead queen with her grieving king. What follows is a whirling, mournful snapshot of a miracle's aftermath. More…

Categories: Drama, Local. From Hypnic Theatre Company in Association with Adjusted Realists. Written by Stephen Kaliski. Directed by Elizabeth Ostler.

What if you could bring her back?

It's one of our eternally futile longings: to bring the love of your life back from the dead. But what if the impossible were actually possible? What if the ultimate miracle happened? What if, laws of the cosmos be damned, she really came back?

Such is the case in Memoriam, an inventive, multidisciplinary snapshot of the aftermath of a miracle. Inspired by millennia of wishful thinking, playwright Stephen Kaliski (West Lethargy, Gluten!) reunites a dead queen with her grieving king and then asks, "Is she really back?"

An ancient Greek tragedy with contemporary sorrow, Memoriam is a dizzying, aching journey through the looking glass of loss, memory, and the uncertain ownership we have over our own lives.

This FringeNYC debut stars Fito Alvarado, Benjamin Bercot, Bryce Crumlish, Katherine Farrell, Matthew Mastromatteo, Jeremiah Maestas*, Lizzie Thompson, Kenny Wang, and Ioanna Zafiropoulos.

*Member of Actors' Equity
[Equity Approved Showcase]

Member Reviews (12)


Clever, Great writing, Great acting, Absorbing, Delightful
Avg Score

Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Great acting, Quirky

See it if you might like a lovely, creative current-day riffs on ancient drama; emotional / quirky / accomplished.

Don't see it if you hate subtleties.

Absorbing, Clever, Great writing, Entertaining

See it if you want to see a thoughtful extension of a mythic theme done well in a contemporary voice

Don't see it if you feel you need actual transitions between vignettes

Great writing, Original, Ambitious, Intelligent, Delightful

See it if You like female-driven storylines, snappy dialogue, or if you were that kid in middle school who was really into Greek mythology.

Don't see it if You're not into the Fringe aesthetic: experimental, minimialistic, young.

Entertaining, Great writing, Original, Resonant, Thought-provoking

See it if you enjoy thoughtful intellectual writing, lovely performances and mythology.

Don't see it if you only like shows without intermissions.

Absorbing, Clever, Entertaining, Great acting, Great writing

See it if want to experience an engaging and clever script and excellent acting. This rift on a Greek drama felt very timely. Loved it!!!!

Don't see it if No comments here. I really loved this show -- perfect Fringe experience to see a great new play in the works and excellent acting.

Absorbing, Edgy, Great acting, Intense, Must see

See it if You want to experience a wide spectrum of emotion and thought

Don't see it if You don't care about life and death

Clever, Ambitious, Funny, Entertaining, Delightful

See it if You enjoy clever takes on the unexplored consequences of old myths

Don't see it if You don't like laughing

Absorbing, Ambitious, Great acting, Intelligent, Original

See it if You want to see how a king loves his queen and a queen becomes herself

Don't see it if You never leave the house

Clever, Great acting, Delightful, Great writing, Intelligent

See it if You like clever writing and great acting. Enjoyable, fun view of a serious theme

Don't see it if You want the same old boring show

Enchanting, Ambitious, Exquisite, Absorbing, Clever

See it if You want to see a show that challenges how we think about love. Is it one sided or two? How do we deal with loss and grief?

Don't see it if You are looking for light and funny.

A beast of a play that will leave you thinking about memory, death, identity, and relationships long after you leave the theater. the strong, creative staging and beautiful original score help convey the sense of alienation felt by the characters.

See it if You want to see something ambitious and challenging - highly dramatic with darkly comic moments.

Don't see it if You are looking for something light or uncomplicated.

Clever, Great acting, Great writing, Intelligent, Thought-provoking

See it if You're curious about the decisions we make out love, and those made under the guise of love.

Don't see it if You're not in the mood to be emotionally and intellectually stimulated.

August 18th, 2016
“Kaliski’s play is full of poetic, lyrical, and vivid language. The first act is well-paced and taut...The second act starts out strong but quickly slows down and never quite regains momentum...Director Elizabeth Ostler does a terrific job with her actors who expressively bring Kaliski’s words an...
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August 17th, 2016
"On paper, ‘Memoriam’ is a tough sell. The execution? Almost flawless. With a visionary eye from director Elizabeth Ostler, she took a script that could have been dull and lackluster and gave it life...'Memoriam' would not nearly be as successful had it not been in the capable hands of Ostler. It...
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