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Navigator in Love

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Red Lab Productions presents this high-tech love story about a man whose GPS leads him in some very unexpected directions. More…

Rostom just got a promotion–and a company car equipped with the latest GPS technology. But when the automated directions veer off the map and into the holes in Rostom’s personal life, he must choose between stark reality and virtual intimacy. 'Navigator in Love' is part of Red Lab's 'Georgian-American Theatrical Feast,' a festival of new works written by playwrights from the Republic of Georgia.

1h 20m | Already closed | Teatro Circulo (East Village)

Culture Catch

"Propster, the center of a strong cast, plays Rostom as a man who blusters his way through discomfort...By no means the first work to structure itself around the concept of emotional attachment to a technological object, but the play engages its conceit with accomplished performances, deadpan humor, and a brisk pace aided by clever lighting and sound design. It is also not as if alienation and artificial intelligence are topics that will lose their relevance any time soon." Full Review


“It is a bit old-fashioned and more than a little bizarre, reminiscent of several 'Twilight Zone' episodes with its man-against-machine theme, but cannily written...Maya Kiasashvili’s translation is smooth, capturing both the Kafka-esque bureaucracy and the wit of the dialogue. Adam Knight not only directed with a light touch, but designed the minimal set pieces…It is always good to sample theater from other cultures, even those slightly behind the curve.” Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"It feels a little shallow. No matter how many turns and roundabouts Rostom takes, guided by his GPS, their 'love story' beelines towards the dramatic finale and just scratches the surface of the possibilities. The 'side-road attractions' that Bugadze’s play leaves behind are sometimes more interesting than its main conflict...The cast, under direction of Adam Knight, truly makes the play, and the workplace drama is the most enjoyable aspect of it." Full Review

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