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Quiet, Comfort

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Obie-winning theater company Hoi Polloi presents this newly commissioned text by Japanese playwright Toshiki Okada, a mysterious experience that aims for the subconscious. More…

Director Alec Duffy fashions a dream world in which the audience joins the actors on a giant bed that fills the entire stage of JACK for a piece about travel, first-world privilege, and the dangers of a life lived alone.

0h 50m | Already closed | JACK (Brooklyn)

The New York Times

“An ambitious production that makes the play, smoothly translated by Aya Ogawa, look better than it actually is...Mr. Okada’s text revels in cryptic banality. You can tell that this is partly the point, and you can also tell that it does not add up to much...Mr. Duffy’s production makes the most of the blanks in Mr. Okada’s short play, providing us with the perfect setting in which to dream up interpretations.” Full Review

Village Voice

"The emphatic disconnect between performance and speech does something interesting—it forces the watcher's own experience to the fore...Our own monologue of exhaustion and complaint begins...In this way, 'Quiet, Comfort' insinuates itself into our own heads...Okada and Duffy have made us conscious of how we let our lives slip away—how we let 'passenger' thinking turn us inert. We're all in bed, but suddenly we're antsy to get out. Wake up! the play seems to shout. Wake up, wake up!" Full Review

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