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Red Flamboyant

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Ancient Vietnamese mythology, aerial performance and water puppetry animate the real-life struggle of Vietnamese women living with HIV.

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Mrs. Hue lives in Vietnam with a small group of women who are all living with HIV/AIDS. Bricks smash the windows of her house. The locals fear they will be infected by the women. Mrs. Hue is forced to seek help from a stubborn government official to protect and support her group. Unlikely heroes emerge both in this world and the next as these poor women reach new heights of courage.


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The New York Times

"The overlapping worlds of the play, which is both earthbound and shot through with romanticism are least successful when most wedded to reality. But when 'Red Flamboyant' steps off into myth and ghosts and fever dreams, it at last begins to breathe...It seems unlikely that this is the play’s final form; it would be unfortunate if it were. Mr. Nguyen is aiming intriguingly high. He may just need a little more time to get there." Full Review

NY Theater Now

"Courage fighting AIDS. Courage fighting to get Han Dynasty China out of Vietnam.There are two exciting storylines at work in 'Red Flamboyant,' a play and aerial experience. Most importantly, the mostly female characters are solidly written and portrayed. This is a wonderful peek into what it takes to survive, or to make a difference." Full Review

New York Theatre Review

"'Red Flamboyant' is a heartfelt tale about a deeply important issue still affecting the world today. With some editing, snipping, and time to grow, this piece will bloom like its namesake flower." Full Review

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