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Reread Another

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Target Margin Theater revives 'Reread Another,' an experimental new work based on a 1921 Gertrude Stein play written in intentionally cryptic and garbled English. More…

'Reread Another' was the capstone to Target Margin’s season of work by Gertrude Stein this past year, and is being revived at The Brick this fall. Three actors, and an onstage soundman, wear kimonos and sailor stripes and hold seemingly random objects as visual aids against a set covered in bright tissue paper and several lamps. The actors speak the cryptic fragments of modernist writer Gertrude Stein's play, seldom seen or read outside academia, seeking to find sense and fun in her wordplay.

0h 50m | Already closed | The Brick (Brooklyn)

Time Out New York

"'Reread Another,' one of Gertrude Stein's mysterious prose-plays, delights the senses. It also baffles and even bores; then just when you're righteously cheesed off, it throws its hands up in mock dismay...'Reread' is a modernist tiger with the soul of a pussycat. It's only 50 minutes long and director David Herskovits has cast three winning performers—Ugo Chukwu, Clare Barron and Purva Bedi—all of them goddamn adorable." Full Review


"This production’s interpretation appears as an effort to expose the limitations of words, to analyze the problems of communication, and to fight against the urge to make complete sense. If you like that sort of thing, you will love 'Reread Another;' if you don’t, this iteration will do little to change your mind. If you have no opinion on such works, you owe it to yourself to check it out and develop an informed one. But don’t worry if you don’t entirely get it: that’s just as it should be." Full Review

The New York Times

for a previous production "Something kind of wonderful has happened. These very pedestrian words seem to have sprouted wings, and resonate with surprising novelty...This 40-minute play from 1921, seldom seen or read outside academia, has an exhilarating air of discovery that finds the fun — and the sense — in Stein’s seeming nonsense." Full Review

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