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Six Characters (a family album)

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La MaMa and Skysaver Productions present award-winning multimedia artist and theater director Theodora Skipitares' surreal riff on Pirandello's 'Six Characters in Search of an Author.' More…

With a passing nod to Pirandello, 'Six Characters' explores the idea of family, reality versus illusion, and displacement. Featuring giant puppet figures, video, and live music by Sxip Shirey, the show includes the historical characters like Margaret Mead (voiced by Oscar winner Estelle Parsons) and the late Pirandello himself.

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April 10th, 2016
"'Six Characters' feels like an experiment in progress, its ambitions not yet fully realized. The live music, sometimes spectral lighting and plentiful video are often striking, yet they cohere only fitfully...Still, when Pirandello’s six characters make their entrance as puppets, they are so riv...
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April 15th, 2016
"Skipitares’ puppetry, Shaw’s technical design, Schellenbaum’s haunting, disembodied sound work all make for a mystery tour of haunting proportions. It’s a mesmerizing, often confusing look at characters and their interactions within and without their intended worlds that may not be for everyone,...
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April 5th, 2016
"It’s easy to see the director’s intention, which is to make a social statement about families. In that, it succeeds, but bringing film footage of the infamous Loud family into the play, and embodying the city of Flint and its water crisis made for too many elements, defeating my expectations. Y...
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April 4th, 2016
"It is an interesting concept...It is unfortunate, then, that 'Six Characters' so frequently feels so very flat in its dynamic, or lack thereof. This has less to do with the scripted structure or the ideas explored therein than it does to do with vocal deliveries that sound as if the hidden mouth...
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