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Ski End

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Members say: Absorbing, Ambitious, Must see, Funny, Thought-provoking

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Set in an abandoned ski shop, New Ohio Theatre and Piehole's new piece examines chronic patterns of apocalyptic despair and what it takes to face the sublime. More…

In 'Ski End,' a group of 30-whatever urbanites finds itself stuck in a flood-damaged building with a makeshift skate ramp, dead birds, and the tattered banner of a final blowout sale. From these clues they ritualistically reanimate a bygone world of Ski, until they incite a cosmic force.

1h 30m | Already closed | New Ohio Theatre (West Village)

Pop Dust

“A deliberately cryptic work…It's clear from very early on that this is a play with a good sense of humor about itself…The cast are a lot of fun here, particularly the core five players. The improvised feel of this show is vital to its ecosystem, and could have dissolved easily in a rehearsal process…It's funny, but it's not a conventional comedy…A decidedly peculiar piece of devised theatre that defies easy categorization, and yet asks nothing strenuous of its audience beyond an open mind.” Full Review

The New York Times

“Struggles to find a shape and at times it feels as though we are watching a game without knowing its rules. Yet the production has a sweet, eccentric charm…‘Ski End’ also dispenses acute observations about a society in which impermanence passes for progress…The play abruptly turns into a kind of interstellar trip punctuated by black light and confusing voice-overs...It is a collective 'we don’t know how to end this show!' cry, and a crash landing for an otherwise lovable experiment." Full Review

The Reviews Hub

"A thoughtful, imaginative work of devised theatre...The tight ensemble cast are playful and genuine in their storytelling...The play’s organization sometimes feels haphazard, though. There are many beautiful, moving, and funny scenes, but they don’t always add up to a cohesive whole...Not a show for everyone. It rambles. It’s rough around the edges...That said, there are moments of tremendous beauty and humanity that make this play well worth seeing for fans of devised work." Full Review

On Stage Blog

"Starts as a slow, meditative immersion into the collective fantasy of what it is to run a ski shop in a small town, played out by five 30-something city kids...They start exploring the narration possibilities, building up the play inside the play...Everything seems ephemeral in the 'Ski End.' The narration slips away the moment you think you figured out what’s going on and the space appears to have no defined borders...It seems to be using the principal of free association." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

“The piece features a team of highly skilled and committed actors with perfect chemistry…However, none of their characters is fully developed beyond some brief spurt of personality. With many gorgeously staged moments and a brilliant design team, the play still falls into the trap of being neither fish nor fowl…The experimental elements would have been more effective as an enhancement of the content, rather than the main event. The play is weakened by too many ideas.” Full Review


"Dragging through some scenes and speeding through others, 'Ski End' takes time to find itself. While some production elements add new dimensions to the play...others are merely distracting...The set and overall production design succeed in evoking the perfect mixture of idiosyncrasy and despair, and, in its best moments, 'Ski End' delivers on that promise as well...For the humility to admit they do not have the answers, this ensemble of theatermakers is to be applauded." Full Review

Time Out New York

"If only the beginning of ‘Ski End’ could go on forever…A handsome initial scene gives way to shapeless imitation-of-play…There are hints that the real topic here is climate change—hints that turn into sledgehammers in the show's final moments. But the bulk of the evening is just watching actors mess around…‘Ski End’ feels extremely long at 100 minutes, too indulgent of each performer and too dependent on a few moments of loveliness to make the longer ones sing." Full Review

Absorbing, Enchanting, Great acting, Thought-provoking, Must see

See it if You're interested in seeing well done, experimental theater that will stick with you after the show ends!

Don't see it if You want to see a show with an obvious plot as well as an obvious ending.

Lame, Inadequate

See it if I live for surprise & weird, but there has to be some payoff. Only family and friends need support this.

Don't see it if They have been working on this for three years? Blending normal with surreal & mystical doesn't work if you can't establish authenticity.

Self-indulgent, Amateurish, Offensive, Lifeless

See it if you're willing to indulge total nonsense and don't respect your own time.

Don't see it if you expect a plot, sympathetic characters, or a decent pace. This production starts off lifeless, and then proceeds to drag on and on.

Also Most of the show has the characters playing make-believe in a non-comm... Read more Read less

Must see, Quirky, Thought-provoking, Absorbing, Ambitious

See it if i saw the ice factory version of this and then opening night. it is one of best shows i've seen all year, period.

Don't see it if should see it. it might be challenging for traditionalists, but there's no question it is worth experiencing the magic

Ambitious, Entertaining, Funny, Intelligent, Relevant

See it if You like fast-paced experimental theater with an edge

Don't see it if You're looking for straightforward narrative

Clever, Absorbing, Funny, Resonant, Ambitious

See it if You love the interesting and creative side of theater -- its not kitchen sink, but its not pretentious "experimental" theater. Its just good

Don't see it if You aren't willing to go on a journey and think for yourself

During previews
Dizzying, Indulgent, Insipid

See it if If you enjoy strange and poorly written plays which go nowhere. So unfortunate that probably good actors are involved in this .

Don't see it if If you expect to see professional theater.

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