Spot On The Wall
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Spot On The Wall

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The New York Musical Theatre Festival presents a story about one family’s search for expression and empathy, as they confront an exhibition of artwork dealing with a family member's lost battle with cancer.

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Critic Reviews (2)

Front Row Center
July 9th, 2015

"The degree to which you will enjoy the solemn new musical, 'Spot on the Wall,' is equal to the amount of tolerance you have for a pair of museum statues that come to life and manifest as characters from Greek mythology. That is, when they are not busy transforming into a pair of contemporary lost lovers or engaging in multiple bouts of interpretive dance in the middle of otherwise traditionally staged musical numbers. If this set up sounds like a risky gambit, well, it is."
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Stage Buddy
September 14th, 2015

"While from a class perspective the lives of the wealthy benefactors and moderately well-off employees and artists of the museum, can sometimes feel a bit too shallow, the piece ultimately does take us outside ourselves to try and make us empathize with people who have the economic power to have museum wings named after themselves. In the end, the show seems to say, even they have heartaches they hang and display on the wall."
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