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Steve: A Docu-Musical

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New York NeoFuturists presents the world premiere of this musical based on the real-life online collaboration between New York and Australian musicians. More…

'Steve: A Docu-Musical' is a new play that chronicles the true story of Colin Summer’s 8-year online correspondence and artistic collaboration with Steve, a "Gen X" Australian. Together, Steve and Colin have written hundreds of songs. In Colin’s account of their unconventional relationship, Steve’s original songs and emails paint a vivid picture of a fascinating character. An exploration of the artist within all of us, 'Steve: A Docu-Musical' reveals the potential for human connection sparked by a simple Google search.

1h 25m | Already closed | 4th Street Theatre (East Village)


"'Steve,' finely directed by Nessa Norich, delves into the cosmic questions of online and offline identity with humor, insight, and profound reckoning...Solo performer Colin and the audience cannot help but unite in a community of laughter and great good will. This is a fun, interactive production that is heartfelt and meaningful." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"A brilliant example of documentary theatre. Summers carries an air of candid charm and gentle wit...The intelligence of the staging - all the way from the many forms of multi-media and live music - points to why director Norich is such an interesting artist. Her approach to and delicate handling of this story are admirable." Full Review

The New York Times

"A cheerful and affecting solo show...The songs are charming, and so is Summers, a sunny, goofily hip presence...'Steve' is an investigation into obsession and the yearning to forge something real, whether a human connection or a work of art." Full Review

American Theater Web

"A trans-Pacific meeting of kindred souls gets chronicled in the endearing and delightfully offbeat 'Steve: A Docu-Musical'...This 'docu' side of the show meets the 'musical' one in a production that, under Nessa Norich’s direction, unfolds with a casual grace....all of this makes 'Steve' a winning and winsome theatrical excursion." Full Review

Lighting & Sound America

"Whether you are entranced or whether you find 'Steve'' to be an evening of limited appeal will depend on your appetite for a text so heavily loaded with non sequiturs. Many in my audience were taken with it all. I was initially amused but found that 70 minutes was a little too much time to spend in Steve's world." Full Review

Stage Buddy

for a previous production "The source material is golden, and Summers can do no wrong with it...It’s someone’s wacky personal experience streamlined and theatricalized in a funny and touching hour-long presentation...It’s a real treat. I look forward to the future iterations and productions of this tender-hearted gem." Full Review

Theater In The Now

for a previous production "When we share a story with a friend, we tend to exaggerate. Overextend some facts, fudge the truth a bit, all in hopes of making our tale more exciting. Then there’s always that story that you don’t exaggerate at all because as crazy and wild as it is, it’s all true. That’s Colin Summers’ 'Steve: A Docu-Musical.' It’s so crazy, you know it’s authentic...Colin Summers' 'Steve' story is fun and entertaining." Full Review

NY Theater Now

for a previous production "'Steve' is a fun, refreshingly original piece, anchored by Summers’s strong sing-songwriter-y renditions of Steve’s lyrics...Summers and Norich have put together a svelte 60-minute production that bops along. The only time the show seemed to drift at all is when Summers tries to connect Steve’s knotted logic to his own life...Overall, though, this show is a real hoot and definitely one of my favorites in the eight years I’ve been seeing Frigid Festival shows. You should really go and get to ... Full Review

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