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The Cell Theatre presents this immersive story about the lingering effects of gentrification told through the eyes of three neighborhood holdouts; part of the 1st Annual Irish Theatre Festival. More…

The tides of change are everywhere. But for the holdouts of Windsor Terrace, haunting memories persist as three stoop dreamers reveal secrets of their past…and imagine a future that might have been. In 1945, Robert Moses began a massive roads project that would displace 1,252 families (a large percentage of them Irish) from Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Now, seventy years later, haunting memories persist as three stoopdreamers gather in the last remaining Irish saloon from that era. Drinks are poured, stories are shared and secrets are revealed as this trio of Brooklynites imagine a future that might have been. 'Stoopdreamer' is an immersive theatrical experience complete with old stories, good company, and strong drinks.

1h 0m | Already closed | The Cell (Chelsea)

Times Square Chronicles

"I absolutely loved Pat Fenton’s 'Stoopdreamer.' Set in Farrell’s Bar and Grill in Windsor Terrace in Brooklyn, this tale tells of the gentrification, urban planning, development without regard to the people it displaces...This is a piece of history that hits home more times than we would like to count." Full Review

Theatre Reviews Limited

"Under the even hand of director Kira Simring, the cast of 'Stoopdreamer' create three authentic characters whose stories counterpoint the gradual development of Windsor Terrace and give flesh and blood to the historical account of the disappearance of a community...an engaging look at the process of gentrification." Full Review


"Patrick Fenton’s 'Stoopdreamer' is a lovely ode to 'the good ole days,'and is a balanced blend of humor and depth. Strong performances, an ease of pace, and an intimate portrayal of a generation left behind highlight this satisfying trip down memory lane." Full Review

American Theater Web

"Playwright Pat Fenton delivers a gentle ode to an era, a place, and a romance which have all seemingly disappeared forever...Black and white images are projected, and these, combined with Fenton’s graceful text, evoke past and present to make this brief theatrical memory a piece to treasure." Full Review

ONE Magazine

"See 'Stoop dreamers,' presented by nancy manocherian’s the cell collaborative. Then afterwards, find an Irish pub and get yourself a beer. You’ll want one. You will." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"'Everything changes and nothing stands still' Plato once cautioned. Patrick Fenton’s 'Stoopdreamer' acknowledges this, at the same time asking us to remember, and perhaps defend, those who get trampled in the rush to questionable progress." Full Review

Absorbing, Enchanting, Intelligent, Great writing, Great staging

See it if you want to experience some of the best writing Off Broadway.

Don't see it if No reason not to see it.

Ambitious, Great acting, Intelligent, Refreshing, Romantic

See it if you like history and hate gentrification.

Don't see it if you are looking for plot. This is mostly interwoven monologues.

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