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Stray (The Tank)

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A musical meta-memoir based on creator Tanya Marquardt’s experience as a sixteen-year-old runaway and BDSM model, and a New York transplant writing about this earlier stage of her life. More…

 A punk show with references to Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe. and David Wojnarowitz, the show begins on November 1, 1992, the day Tanya runs away from home, and each song careens you through the chaotic years that follow – life with Tanya’s father, a traveling vacuum cleaner salesman, her first attraction to a girl and witnessing her self-cutting, being an underage virgin in a BDSM bar, a writing teacher’s praise, which saved her from suicide, and, how art sustained her throughout.

Already closed | The Tank (Midtown W)

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July 24th, 2018
“The aimless first half has been redeemed by the more cohesive second half...Marquardt is a fine singer, has a likeable presence and a fierceness that infuses the presentation that’s based on her memoir with authenticity...A fitfully entertaining collage of songs and spoken word ruminations often...
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July 27th, 2018
“This compelling combination of memoir and music creates a truly one-of-a-kind theatrical experience...A work of dazzling ingenuity and raw self expression that hasn’t been edited and refined and dulled...While the autobiographical pieces are compelling, they often feel fragmented and incomplete....
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