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Sympathy in C

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Eight voices, spoken and instrumental, expose intertwining stories of those who are assaulted by the unimaginable - a diagnosis of cancer and the threat of terrorism - a cancer growing in the fabric of society. More…

Accompanied by a cellist and violinist, the characters dare to confront both fronts with anger, love, hope, humor, courage, surrender, and sometimes...sympathy. This new symphonic play juxtaposing cancer and terrorism is timed to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month so that it can bring awareness to all of those who are touched by cancer, as well as those who stand up to fight it.

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August 12th, 2017
for a previous production "An engaging symphony for six actors and two musicians about the need for sympathy...The interesting piece resolves with a satisfying catharsis and the hint that these stories – or stories like them – will continue to be told...The symphony metaphor is effective and explored successfully by playw...
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