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Take Care

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Members say: Ambitious, Original, Resonant, Thought-provoking

About the show

The Flea Theater presents a world premiere participatory performance that investigates the ways we respond to present and imminent danger, addressing racism and climate change. More…

'Take Care' gathers and re-configures our personal language around emergency preparedness, abandonment, and consolation. An exploration of our most urgent personal and global concerns, this production seeks a provocative intersection between our nation’s inadequate response to the systemic racism that devalues brown bodies and the ongoing climate change crisis. 'Take Care' includes individualized prompts for audience participation alongside scripted moments for the cast. Audiences will have the opportunity to choose their desired level of participation—they can be on stage or around it.

Theater In The Now

"'Take Care' is highly experimental and highly rewarding…An experimental immersive event about climate change and race that is carefully crafted. This is a play for the fearless...For those eager to take a risk this is a play for you…There are so many moving parts to 'Take Care' that it is incredibly likely that you will miss a lot. And that may be a bad thing. But what you do take in, it’s something unique. When all is said and done, it's ok to be overwhelmed. Chances are you're not alone." Full Review

Quick Theatre

"Whether you are a full participant in the performance or solely a voyeur of the maelstrom around you, you will have many intense feelings during and after the performance, period...There is no greater way to get your message across than to allow your audience to bring the meanings closer to the audience’s heart by immersing them directly in the performance of the piece. Come with an open mind. Come willing to participate." Full Review

Lighting & Sound America

"'Take Care' often feels more like a technical exercise than a powerful political statement...The direction is confident, and the Bats, the theatre's resident troupe, are always a pleasure...I would never suggest that what is going on isn't urgent or deeply felt. But, in a funny way, 'Take Care' undermines its own argument by reducing its discussion of an all-important topic to a series of staging devices that are only pretend-spontaneous." Full Review

The New York Times

"The professionals perform their complicated and sometimes physically demanding chores with admirable gusto...Mr. Smith has coordinated the activity with the rigor of a drill sergeant. In fact it was the 70-minute production’s precision more than its often heavy-handed, half-improvised content that most impressed me." Full Review


"While underscoring the connection between climate and race may be eye-opening, 'Take Care' undercuts itself with a tendency to prioritize shocking audiences over empowering and educating them...Some of the images and moments that create this discomfort feel gratuitous, overwrought, or deployed for shock value. The messages weren't always clear, and even when they were, they could feel very heavy-handed. " Full Review

Stage and Cinema

"Simply dreadful – a tone deaf, unrelentingly shrill piece of immature agitprop which is the type of work that, I suppose, all 22-year-old aspiring writers must get out of themselves at some point…The ideologically empty show was essentially undone by the clumsy reliance on the audience participatory elements…There was a sloppiness to the elements that suggested a lack of forethought, making the piece almost enraging – and not at the themes, but at the weak stagecraft." Full Review

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Original, Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Resonant

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