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The Bacchae/Sisters of Semele

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What Dreams May Co. in partnership with Queens Shakespeare Inc. presents a modern day adaption of classical Euripides: men worshiped as gods, vengeful gods walking amongst men, and the destructive might of men turned mob. More…

In the land of Thebes, a young king is newly come into his rule and a young demigod has newly come into his power. The conflict between these two cousins pitting man versus Maenad, and force versus faith, is at its core two boys throwing a tantrum in trying to prove themselves to the world and to their families. When such squabbles occur between gods and kings the stakes become dangerous, the consequences become deadly.

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"To pinpoint the woes from a production perspective would call out the lack of cleanliness between the lights and sound. But these moments were minimal in comparison to the piece as a whole. There was certainly ambition present in this production but the execution was sadly off-kilter." Full Review

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