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The Co-Operatives (FringeNYC)

From 3 critic and 3 member reviews
Members say: Great acting, Funny, Confusing, Fluffy, Ambitious

About the show

Part of FringeNYC: Jon loved Cindy. Cindy loves Sam. Sam hates Curt. Curt loathes Ramon. Ramon blackmails Ken. Ken loves Kim. Kim pays Ramon. Ramon loves Jon. But Ramon’s dead and everyone is just trying to ignore the body. Welcome to the Co-Op. More…

Categories: Comedy, Drama, Local. From BedRock Productions. Written by Derran Moss-Dalmau.

From the team that brought ReLateAble to FringeNYC2015, comes a story of love, death and real estate.

There's a corpse on the floor and a conspiracy in the air.

With a two-bedroom, rent-controlled apartment on the line, the surviving tenants of Barrington Court aren't about to let truth, rules or decency get in the way.

Love, lycra and bad poetry, on the other hand...

NY Theatre Guide

"An energetic, brilliantly structured, sophisticated comedic work…Derran Moss-Dalmau has crafted this pithy, fast-paced, dialogue-driven HBO-sitcom-style script. He is adept at wielding words that create distinctive characters with delicious quirks. The scenario begs for a long-running TV series…Director Tatiana Pandiani has ensured a glorious breakneck pace for the piece, keeping the tensions taught, the stakes high, and the actors driving to the climax." Full Review


"'The Co-Operatives' relies on a web of complex relationships, histories, and stipulations that can occasionally feel overwhelming, which can risk burying its humorous moments...With so much going on, it's hard for the characters to exist as more than one or two key traits, but the cast shares focus well enough...The playful stage chemistry between Bernard and Navarro injects an appreciated bit of humanity into a show where emotion tends to be neutralized." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"The plot quickly becomes muddled…There are several clever ideas here about how to subvert the rules of the co-op board, but the plot and the dialogue are unclear and there are no identifiable story arcs. The characters often stand to the side and talk about other parties and situations to which the audience has not been introduced, or stay onstage for seemingly no reason, so it’s easy to get confused and frustrated. Director Tatiana Pandiani's staging doesn’t help us to understand either." Full Review

Funny, Great acting

See it if you like comedies.

Don't see it if you wouldn't like to see new theatrical proposals.

Ambitious, Indulgent, Confusing, Fluffy

See it if You like mediocre dialogue and storyline, rental humor, bad acoustics, slight overacting, some humor

Don't see it if Dislike all of the above... Can't complain much for $15, but, it was a little over-the-top. sitting in the rear seats r a bad idea soundwise

Funny, Clever, Great acting, Refreshing

See it if You want to see something witty, funny and so New York!

Don't see it if You don't like farcical humor