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The Constitution

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FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade in association with Saudade Theatre present this drama about four thespians tasked with writing a new Constitution. More…

Four actors, heroes of a new society, are invited by the government to write a new Constitution. Sequestered in a gymnasium. Six days. No experience in the matter. A perfect Constitution for an imperfect nation.

Stage Buddy

“A thoughtful staging, together with the immediacy of the venue, further the production's sense of realism and relevancy...Rather than forcing an agenda, the script leads viewers along subtly, gradually preparing them for the play's climactic thunderbolt. When that climax comes, it seems both staggering and intuitive -- which is a mark not only of how well each actor has played his or her part, but of how well de Oliveira's script has succeeded.” Full Review


"So special a show not only because of the diversity and talent of its cast, but also because of how the basis of anything political is proven to exist in the basic human need for philosophic clarity...Love is what makes this show go round, and it is also love that the audience will feel towards this compelling story...An intense, thought-provoking, and overall fascinating show...I very much enjoyed the intellectual roller coaster, but I liked how raw the entire experience felt." Full Review

Urban Matter

"A very intriguing stage play that explores the formation of a constitution by four passionate individuals...The work from the four actors brings a fascinating and thought-provoking concept to life...The standout performance was that of Maria Leite. She is so fiery in her presentation of the character, you can almost feel the anger running through her veins. It’s captivating. If you’re in the mood for a short piece of engaging theatre, we would definitely recommend this performance." Full Review

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