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The Dreamer Examines His Pillow

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About the show

Donna and Tommy are an on-and-off couple who make both love and war like wild animals; Donna’s father is an artist paralyzed by memories of a similar relationship. More…

A surreal, intimate look at the beautiful and dark forces of love. The play explores the aftermath of love, whether it’s after an explosive affair between two lovers, or the dwindling, harsh lack of love from a widowed father to his daughter. Poetic, lyrical and rough, the play examines how intimacy and love are two of a human's most basic needs.


"The Attic has a winner. Artfully conceived and directed, and played with skill and panache on a simple, craftily designed and lit stage, this revival of the 'Dreamer Examines His Pillow' is a curious and engaging production of density and depth – and flights of fancy too." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"A thought provoking examination of love, sex and the subconscious mind...Under Braza’s direction, the cast brings humanity to a group of passionate souls who make horrible decisions. The actors deftly handle the material, turning the play into a sexy and humorous 90 minute romp. The ending may boggle the mind, but the ride getting there is mostly entertaining." Full Review

Theatre Reviews Limited

"To discover Dad’s kernel of truth, one must navigate through 90 minutes of non-stop dialogue and a delicious dose of magical realism. And that is not an unpleasant task, given the high quality...The ensemble cast does what it can with Mr. Shanley's perhaps outdated script. Psychobabble was a hallmark of the 1980s. The characters need more depth." Full Review

The New York Times

"An intermissionless 90 minutes, but it’s really a play in three parts. From the audience’s perspective this particular production’s three parts are: 'Not buying it,' 'Just got more interesting' and, 'Ah, now it all makes sense...' Things improve markedly in Scene 2...As the play ends you come to see that this strange, somewhat wordy journey was about fear of commitment, and that this argument-filled play had a heart after all." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"The opportunity to see this rarely produced, magnificent piece is a gift to all theater goers. However, the missed opportunity of plumbing the depths of its incredibly intricate and beautifully written dialog is a shame. Perhaps as the production continues it will further evolve and the actors will begin to fill their roles more naturally, helping to bring out the meaningful, well-written play that it is." Full Review


"Where were the laughs? Hidden under angst and anger, moaning and groaning, delivered at a screeching 1000 decibels. In other words, nowhere to be found...It confuses abrasive with funny. And it only occasionally finds a way to connect its rough-and-tumble characters to laughs... You have to wonder what made the Attic Theater Company revive this second rate work from a playwright whose oeuvre contains so much better work. " Full Review

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