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The Enchanted Revolution

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This timely nouveau-fairytale theater piece from Midnight Radio Show features audacious fantasy costumes, music, and shadow and 3D puppetry in telling an original bedtime story. More…

'The Resistance’ has located a vulnerability in an oppressive regime on the planet Sha. Princess Yazmaya fights to return all power to the people, mermaids, fairies, dragons, unicorns, and more.


“Written, directed by and featuring the multifaceted creative enchantress, Charlotte Lily Gaspard...80 minutes of magic, with a six-person cast creating a modern fairytale for the whole family...All's well that ends well -- and why shouldn't it be? This is a fairytale after all. But don't let the light-hearted approach or fanciful, family-friendly themes fool you -- this tale is a timely and contemporary as it is freewheeling and fun.” Full Review

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