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The Exalted

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1h 5m | Already closed | BAM - Fishman Space (Brooklyn)

Under Anne Bogart's direction, and with live accompaniment, poet and performer Carl Hancock Rux recounts the life of an influential scholar on African sculpture who fled the Nazis. Part of the 2015 Next Wave Festival. More…

'The Exalted' is a poetic meditation on heritage, love, and the willpower to overcome atrocity. Rux weaves an account of Carl Einstein's life together with tales of genocide and personal genealogy in this evening of storytelling. A multimedia production that includes video and live musical accompaniment, 'The Exalted' untangles knots of heritage, art, and atrocity to reconsider the price of freedom and self-preservation.

The New York Times

"Beautiful, enigmatic and almost entirely opaque....Under Anne Bogart’s direction, the aspects never cohere, nor does the incoherence seem especially purposeful or illuminating. The suffering of individuals and states and the unexpected revelation of beauty might be the governing themes. They might not...Still, it’s not such a terrible thing to be baffled, especially in the presence of genuinely compelling artists." Full Review

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