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The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign

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Charting over 30 years of the Golden Age of Hollywood, including stories from the Silent Era, the Great Depression and World War II, this solo play with music features songs from cinemas greatest stars.

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An aspiring actress stands on the 50 foot H, looking out at the lights of Los Angeles and the Dream Factory known as Hollywood. It is 1949: Truman is President, Marilyn Monroe is a little known model who poses nude for an art calendar in order to recover her impounded care. Nobody has ever heard of Evie Edwards, but Evie has only ever wanted one thing: to be a star. 'The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign' includes songs Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, and more. Writer Joanne Hartstone stars as Evie.

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The Stage (UK)

for a previous production "Hartstone, who also plays Evie, punctuates her story with familiar songs of the period that loosely parallel an otherwise straightforward narrative. Hartstone has a nasal contralto is deeply reminiscent of the period and invests plenty of drama into each number. It’s an engaging performance delivered with sensitivity but Hartstone treads a very familiar path here. Entwhistle is borrowed as a metaphor in Evie’s story whereas she’d probably have been much more valuable as the subject." Full Review


for a previous production "A one of a kind show...Joanne totally embodies the character of Evelyn, and her American accent is relaxed and flawless as we are let into Evelyn's life through her many façades. Throughout the show Hartstone plays a number of different characters who she switches seamlessly from with ease...Hartstone has the ability to milk every line in this well-written show. Her connection with the audience is instantaneous and from start to finish, both actor and audience member are one." Full Review

The Barefoot Review

for a previous production "Hartstone looks wonderful as Evie...She adopts not only a good midwest accent as Evie, but throws in different American accents for other characters. And she sings, song after song, in a classic 1940s style evocative of Billie Holiday. She creates another world in the little popup Fringe venue...It’s a remote and hard-to find venue...But it is worth the effort to be magically transported into Hartstone's faraway world of Hollywood at its ruthless fairy-story height." Full Review

Stage Raw

for a previous production "Cleverly directed by Vince Fusco...It’s hard to say whether Hartstone achieves greater success as a writer or as a performer. Her story incorporates personal fiction alongside juicy Hollywood history. As an actress, she carries her show through seventy minutes of Old Hollywood bliss. Her character, Mid-Atlantic dialect, and singing are all on point...The production seduces with its elements of glamour and the macabre, with finishing touches of nostalgia and vulnerability." Full Review

Edinburgh Guide

for a previous production "Hartstone has created a marvellously evocative musical-drama...We observe Evie’s girlish glee, switching from hopeful naivety to heartfelt vulnerability as she tries desperately to be noticed....Joanne has a beautiful, soulful voice...This show has already won numerous, much deserved, awards...Joanne Hartstone is an all-round entertainer, oozing comedic, dramatic and musical talent in this magical performance. A true Super Star is Born." Full Review

Adelaide Review

for a previous production "'The Girl who Jumped' has the bones of a great show about hopes, dreams, and the dark side to our fascination with celebrity culture. Hartstone is a talented actor...but you can’t really connect with Edwards. She, like a female protagonist in a ‘40s musical, is too innocent and naïve before turning very quickly down a path that isn’t so innocent. This naiveté works in old musicals but just doesn’t quite connect in a contemporary play about an industry that can be heartlessly cruel." Full Review

The Scotsman

for a previous production "Hartstone’s accent and delivery are perfectly ­evocative of the period–her straight-talkin’ speech recalls Katharine Hepburn or Rosalind Russell, while her singing voice is akin to Judy Garland’s...As she relates her compelling, all-too-believable tale, that gigantic half-H looms in the background, a constant reminder of (almost) certain tragedy to come." Full Review

Broadway Baby

for a previous production "This play critically examines the Hollywood dream and its power to simultaneously attract both the ambitious and the vulnerable...Hartstone gives a superb and sympathetic performance portraying the naivety, eccentricity and vulnerability of Evie. She uses humour to deal with a lot of difficult topics...This is a well-researched, poignant and revealing piece of theatre that shows the extent of Hartstone’s abilities as a writer, singer and actress." Full Review

Theatre Bubble

for a previous production "'The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign' brings the glamour, dreams, and desperation of early twentieth century America to life in a one-woman show with song, showmanship, and sympathy...Hartstone exudes confidence in her character and material. Her magnetism and sharp embodiments sells Evie’s humanity...A surprisingly brilliant touch to the piece is that some anecdotes given are rumours that have been debunked now...They firmly root the show in its age and peoples." Full Review

The Advertiser

for a previous production "Hartone is endearing as Evie, a sweet character who we immediately feel empathy for. She manoeuvres the stage well, nails the old Hollywood sound and transports us to MGM sets and producer meetings. There’s just the right amount of musical interludes, but the story needs sharpening. Time is wasted with 'he said, she saids' that aren’t needed when she’s already shifted character. Hartstone has clearly done her research and poured herself into this show." Full Review

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