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The Golfer

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The Brick and Gemini CollisionWorks present the story of a golfer who is hit by lightning and thrust into a surreal alternate world. More…

Flynn, an office worker, has one weekly escape from his dreary life: golf. But a stray lightning bolt to his driver transforms his routine into a surreal journey through an alternate, absurd underworld. There he is confronted by figures from his life, history, and fiction, including Charlemagne, the Tooth Fairy, and Abe Lincoln. As he struggles to understand the rules of this new reality, he is pursued, seduced, threatened, and ultimately judged by these icons.

1h 20m | Already closed | The Brick (Brooklyn)

Time Out New York

"A gleefully out-there dark comedy...The one-act play moves at a much-brisker pace than golf. So you don't have time to get your bearings or get bored, either. Even sequences that sound moronic, like three puppet castrati gonads crooning a lament about their fate, turn out to be a riot thanks to a versatile, multiple-role-juggling cast that takes silliness seriously, and indie theater stalwart Ian W. Hill's direction, which favors characterization over camp." Full Review

Village Voice

"The play's style may be quick-cut sketch comedy, but its humanistic through-line visits a millennium of history, religion, literature, and sports commentary…Parks is a very funny writer. The fever dream of a liberal-arts major…'The Golfer' might be a sly commentary on the impending end-times...I won't spoil the fun by giving away the ending, but only say that, especially for those overeducated, buttoned-up folks who languish in cubicles, it's a much-needed antidote." Full Review

Woman Around Town

"The scenes and characters that unfold are completely random, both in terms of who appears as well as what is said and it is as if we are being given a private Thespian tour of Flynn’s unconscious. It is a wildly imaginative and absurdly funny unconscious. Non-sequiturs abound and the laughs along with them...The cast was terrific. The scene changes are quick and easy. And the whole play fits together well." Full Review

NY Theatre Guide

"Its blistering pace serves to keep any scene from dragging on too long, but conversely, it also prevents the audience from forming any real relationships with any of the recurring characters...There are some solid comedic exchanges, but I found myself wanting more...'The Golfer' is pure, fringe fun; it’s 80 minutes of imperfect, unbridled lunacy that refuses to cater to expectations or tropes." Full Review

Clever, Inventive

See it if You enjoy the furiously creative. Even if it is not your style, you will admire its funny, surreal, jam packed travel through literature...

Don't see it if history, everyman's life, and whimsy in its pun filled, million character, dumb joke escapade. You will get your money's worth at a minimum.

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