The Goodbye Room
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The Goodbye Room

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About the Show

The Happy Few Theatre Company presents a new play giving us a window into the relationship of two sisters following their mother’s death.

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Critic Reviews (4)
March 14th, 2016

"Playwright/director Eric Gilde’s new drama, 'The Goodbye Room,' realistically and powerfully captures a family’s journey after losing a loved one...A storyline that is eye opening, stirring and poignant...This play is a haunting reminder of what death can bring out for those still living...This play will leave audiences with much to think about, when it comes to dealing with family matters and forces us to take a good look in the mirror when it comes to the relationships that matter the most."
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Theatre is Easy
March 18th, 2016

"'The Goodbye Room' blossoms from a glimpse at a mourning family into a universal conversation about the complexities of grieving...The cast crafts a compelling arc of grief viewed from four varying perspectives...'The Goodbye Room,' above all, is warm, direct and utterly human...Even when the pace lags, as it does occasionally, or a predictable line or two on the subject of grief plops out here or there, 'The Goodbye Room' never loses sight of the humanity of death."
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Theater In The Now
March 16th, 2016

"The quartet of actors did a nice job avoiding a 90-minute heavy woe-is-me fest...With the exploration of the blame game being a strong theme in 'The Goodbye Room,' Eric Gilde did a fine job guiding his company...Moving forward, Gilde really could benefit from a fresh set of eyes to steer the piece to the next level. 'The Goodbye Room' doesn’t present anything new but it is an accessible story."
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Off Off Online
March 9th, 2016

"Gilde has done an exemplary job of capturing the essence of this experience, and, as the director, creates the space for four talented actors to bring it to life. It is a detailed re-creation that, without nuanced performances, could easily come off as flat. There is nothing new, there are no great surprises and no profound personal breakthroughs... However, it’s the precise manner in which Gilde wrote the dialogue, directed the actors, and how they delivered it that enhances the drama."
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