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Brooklyn | 1h 20m | Ends Dec 15

The Making of King Kong

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Target Margin's world premiere is a subversive dark comedy that reimagines the making of the classic 1933 film King Kong. More…

"The Making of King Kong" is a theatrical journey into the cultural monster behind the myth. The play takes a brutal look at America’s history of white patriarchy, imperialism, and sexism through the eyes of original King Kong creators Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, and Hollywood starlet Fay Wray.

1h 20m | Ends Dec 15 | The DOXSEE (Brooklyn)

Fordham Observer

"To be clear, what Lisa Clair has placed before her audience is no blatantly academic study...'The Making of King Kong' itself teeters in and out of pure insanity, absurdism and pointlessness, irony and sarcasm, like a vaudeville show on an acid trip or a cabinet of horrifying curiosities...Claire, though wrapped in the scrappy, eccentric volatility of experimental theater, is a challenging and provoking playwright, smart and admirably critical—hilarious, too." Full Review

Stage Left

“A ‘fantasia’ of a play that interrogates the original film through a feminist, intersectional lens...Clair’s play has the exuberant, outsider feeling of a graduate school thesis project, bursting with intelligent ideas, surprises at every turn, and playful experimentation with form that make it exciting to engage with, but just a tad too manic and unfocused for its own good...’The Making of King Kong’ is really an argument for the negation of the Kong narrative itself.” Full Review

The New York Times

"All of the gender and racial ickiness of the film is brought to the fore...Pope does a terrific job of keeping the satire afloat..Her mockery, deeply sincere, allows the character to comment on gender and racial stereotypes while indulging them for comedy. 'King Kong' lacks that tonal control...The result is a bit of an ideological free-for-all, with no clear upshot. Ms. Clair certainly raises the relevant issues but then seems uncertain how to corral them." Full Review

Time Out New York

"'The Making of King Kong' has an editing problem...The ragged edges provides some immediate pleasures...But silliness isn’t the only thing that Clair and her director, Eugene Ma, are going for...The shift in attention from Kong to the White Yoga Ladies is a big, confident gesture that hasn’t quite been worked out, and what must have felt immediate and stinging during the devising process seems, already, a little out of date." Full Review

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