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New York | Opens Jan 20

The Morning After The Life Before

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About the show

Gúna Nua presents the US premiere of this celebrated, personal tale of Ireland before and after the Marriage Equality referendum. Part of the 2019 Origin 1st Irish Festival. More…

May 24th 2015, as 62% of Ireland is #hungoverforequality, Ann gets a text from her brother which brings the reality of a new Ireland into sharp focus. A heartfelt, true story of weddings, ‘coming out,’ and arguments over who takes out the bins, this show celebrates the unique historical moment when Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage on a national basis by popular vote.  

Be prepared for music, cake and equality! 

Opens Jan 20 | The Cell (Chelsea)

Montreal Theatre Hub

for a previous production "The play deals particularly with the trials of self-acceptance and acceptance in society in a cultural landscape that views homosexuality as choice and it believes it to be wrong...The chemistry between Black and Smyth is impressive and palpable as they seem to be on the same page and are clearly enjoying themselves...Both are also insanely charming...This show is an absolute cannot-miss." Full Review

Broadway Baby

for a previous production "There are poignant moments of acceptance as well as bigotry and misunderstanding during the campaign...This is a tale of two delightfully ordinary Irish women falling in love at a time when the possibility of marriage seemed out of the question...Blake and Smyth worked so well together it was impossible not to be captivated from the start...I’m not saying there wasn’t a dry eye in the place but from where I was sitting I couldn’t see one." Full Review

Fringe Review (UK)

for a previous production "A joyous, life-affirming, intimate detailing of the white knuckle journey to marriage equality in Ireland...The story begins at the end and then returns to the beginning, detailing in a series of delightful, playful, and humorous vignettes...The light-hearted, soft-touch approach taken...masks a deeper message about the impact of identity and the denial of rights which so many of us take for granted...A perfectly rendered, heart-warming, necessary light in the darkest of moments." Full Review

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