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The Offending Gesture

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Members say: Clever, Quirky, Funny, Confusing, Ambitious

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The Tank presents the world premiere of a humorous and poetic indictment of American foreign policy in Iraq, told through the true story of Hitler and his dog, Blondi. More…

Wellman takes as his subject a political incident that occurred in 1941 just before Germany invaded the Soviet Union, when Tor Borg, a Finnish businessman infamously taught his own dog Jackie to do the Nazi Party Salute in response to the command, "Heil Hitler."

1h 20m | Already closed | Connelly Theatre (East Village)

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Clever, Quirky, Funny, Confusing, Ambitious
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Clever, Confusing, Quirky

See it if You enjoy abstracted history plays with music

Don't see it if you don't want to see animals played by humans

Ambitious, Clever, Funny

See it if you want to hear about Hitler's dog and enjoy a surreal cats subplot.

Don't see it if you want a linear, spelled-out storyline.

January 10th, 2016
"Particularly enjoyable, a concoction involving Hitler’s dog, a Finnish guy’s dog, Iraq and the absurdities of international relations. Oh, and musical cats...Mr. Wellman’s eclectic works are often hard to penetrate, but Meghan Finn, the director, has gotten the most out of this one, aided by hau...
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January 9th, 2016
"This sincerely surreal fable continues the experimental playwright’s lifelong theme: the inherent vice of symbolism, primarily language...Seasoned Wellman watchers will luxuriate in the coded language games and philosophical puzzles in Meghan Finn’s very funny and well-acted production; newcomer...
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January 12th, 2016
"Wellman never attacks a subject head-on, preferring the sideways approach, complete with bizarre plot cul-de-sacs, extra-theatrical devices, and richly allusive, and often mandarin, language...Yet these elements somehow fail to add up to a satisfying evening...There's a lot of talent involved in...
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January 11th, 2016
"'The Offending Gesture' is a tightly produced play with an appropriately eerie design...Perhaps the most exciting thing about this play is the subtlety with which it delivers its point. To be sure, the choices here are large, from the performances to the overall theatricality...It's a story abou...
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