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The Old Masters

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The Flea presents a new play about Ben, a never-was has-been artist turned teacher and expectant father, who serendipitously discovers an old friend’s paintings. More…

Ben Schmitt has found himself on the verge of the suburban life. Upon serendipitously discovering an old friend's paintings - an old friend that mysteriously disappeared 4 months ago - he shares them with his colleagues. As the art world falls under the spell of his friend's work and life story, Ben is left to wonder: what about me?

Theater In The Now

"Stock kept the action moving and the momentum consistent, allowing the moments of intimacy to breathe...While the moral of the story may be to find that balance in life or to show the ugly side to jealousy or don't do a favor for your friends, 'The Old Masters' is a reminder that this art world is tough. Marks’ script is not perfect but it’s a captivating evening of theater." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"The narrative itself might leave certain audience members dissatisfied, especially with how the plot turns towards the end. In what feels like a page out of Neil LaBute, playwright Sam Marks has taken a risk. I think the risk pays off, and the credit goes entirely to Kulz...Kulz’ performance as Ben is worthy of indulgence, as is 'The Old Masters.'" Full Review


"While 'The Old Masters' dances around some very compelling subjects (the arbitrary nature of commercial art, the collision of ambition with reality), Marks' script suffers from a lack of specificity. There are too many holes and quick-fix contrivances...'The Old Masters' has the potential to be a great play, if only the artist would return to the canvas and fill in some details with a finer brush." Full Review

The New York Times

"This feels like a play whose circumstances were engineered to fit its ideas — about the caprices of fame, the toxic notion of the artist as sufferer, the upper classes’ contempt for the lower. As a whole, it never gels." Full Review

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