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The Pumpkin Pie Show: Labor Pains

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Members say: Great acting, Hilarious, Clever, Great writing, Funny

About the show

Horse Trade Theater Group's annual October show is an artistic hodgepodge of theatre and literature; this year they explore the trials and tribulations of parenting. More…

Celebrating its second decade of performances, the 'Pumpkin Pie Show' is part storytelling session, part boxing match, part shamanistic ritual. Horse Trade Theater Group channels the essentials of theatre and literature in order to create a more intimate relationship between performer and audience. They use no design -- nothing beyond the text and the performance itself. The stories that make up this year's 'Labor Pains' all focus on the primal paranoia of parenting.

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Great acting, Hilarious, Clever, Great writing, Funny
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Great acting, Hilarious, Great writing, Clever

See it if you have children or if you know someone who does.

Don't see it if you've recently had surgery and are afraid that convulsive laughter might rip your stitches out.

Funny, Great acting, Repellent

See it if you like well performed, funny story-telling about babies; birthing them, feeding them, diapering them.

Don't see it if you don't like grotesque or scat0logical humor.

Insipid, Too long, Overpriced at $18, Disturbing, Embarrassing

See it if you like one note monologues with actors who basically play the same role in each one (they're supposed to be different characters).

Don't see it if you want something actually funny. It was embarrassing and got really disturbing at parts. I don't understand why people liked this. Dont go

Clever, Entertaining, Great acting, Hilarious, Great writing

See it if You want to laugh and have a good time

Don't see it if You want to see something a little more thought provoking

September 30th, 2015
"While Chapman is a commanding storyteller, Cheek is a consummate actress...The no sets and no costumes force us to listen carefully and Chapman’s stories are so well written that we hang on every word. 'The Pumpkin Pie Show: Labor Pains' is a diverting, unusual evening with many bizarre pleasure...
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October 13th, 2015
"Chapman brings us to the world of nightmares in a completely different way. And it is a completely morbid delight...The love shown for the work by the creators pulls the audience in, makes you feel like you are at home with someone you trust, and then they take you for a spin. A very entertainin...
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September 27th, 2015
"The fast-paced, quick witted, litany of words and emotions coming at the audience from Chapman and Cheek skyrocketed the audience to another dimension – a bizarro world – which is essentially parenthood...This is storytelling of the highest caliber as well as offering a unique view of the world."
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October 2nd, 2015
"I highly recommend taking an hour out of your evening to dissect 'The Pumpkin Pie Show: Labor Pains.' It’s a prime example of how sometimes theater isn’t about the subject, it’s about the presentation of that subject or, in this case, the remarkable talent of the presenters...'The Pumpkin Pie Sh...
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