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The Reenactors

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Abrons Arts Center presents the world premiere of OBIE Award-winner Juliana Francis Kelly’s newest play, examining questions like "Are most actors idiots? Are all rich kids jerks?” More…

A hard-working actress gets cast in an Equity Showcase about the sole survivor of a teenage suicide pact in suburban New Jersey. She hooks up with the play’s affluent writer/director and soon discovers his play is based on a terrible true story. The actress is curious. Trouble ensues.

The New York Times

"An intriguing play about theatrical story-making an invigorating extra layer of real-life metaness...The spine of 'The Reenactors' is the unfolding of the truth about the suicide story, but the theme of 'The Reenactors' is appropriation — whether the best stories are invented or stolen, who has the right to borrow someone else’s story, and more...Only occasionally do the proceedings become didactic, and they never stay that way for long." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"A thoughtful and engrossing examination of the blurred boundaries between art and life...The play asks larger questions about actors and whether they’re evil narcissists, as the Director seems to believe, or artists on par with a playwright or director. The continual emphasis on this theme is the piece's weakest point...It’s the actors' performances themselves as they navigate this ever-shifting play that proves their own artistic worth." Full Review

Delightful, Intelligent

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