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Three Sisters (Obvious Volcano)

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Obvious Volcano presents Chekhov's classic play about a wealthy Russian family whose privileged status is slipping away in a changing society. More…

At a time of working-class uprising and elitist decline, an over-educated family finds that norms have shifted and the world is closing in on itself. Are better fortunes just around the corner? Can we hold onto the past while we wait for them? Join Irina for her birthday party at their rural estate. And don’t bring up Moscow.

2h 25m | Already closed | The Brick (Brooklyn)

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“The first half of Cino's production does an admirable job of bringing the audience into this world of the idle rich. The cast's performances mine the often-overlooked comedy inherent in Chekhov…There's a general air of overdirecting in the second half as the proceedings onstage become more dramatic; the actors' movement and delivery begins to feel unnatural and heightened…Obvious Volcano's attempt is admirable, even if it doesn't stick the landing.” Full Review

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