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Tom and Eliza

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Members say: Profound, Ambitious, Intense, Original, Great writing

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Jack Arts, Inc. presents a dramatic two-hander; a play about two people marching relentlessly towards the future.
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Tom’s mother and father made love, Tom was born, Tom grew up, Tom entered this restaurant, Tom is on a date with Eliza. Eliza’s mother and father made love, Eliza was born, Eliza grew up, Eliza entered this restaurant, Eliza is on a date with Tom. The two characters use rapid-fire language to chronicle their entire relationship, mercilessly withholding nothing. A battle of wills that centers on obsessions with bathing and book-burning, propelling the audience from an ordinary first date toward the end of civilization.

1h 0m | Already closed | JACK (Brooklyn)

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Profound, Ambitious, Intense, Original, Great writing
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Ambitious, Intense, Great writing, Profound, Original

See it if what a stunning, radical, terrifying, magnetic, civic, delightful, spiky hug of a play. Necessary and utterly thrilling.

Don't see it if you should really just see it.

February 22nd, 2016
"A tightly directed and acted absurdist comedy on the disappointing nature of life...'Tom & Eliza' is a surreal snapshot of a quintessentially flawed relationship. Delicately directed by Knud Adams, all of Song’s bleak humor and rapid dialogue converges into an engrossing and intimate experience....
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February 22nd, 2016
"In Celine Song's sensational 'Tom & Eliza,' the journey from first date to the bitter end is chronicled in rapid-fire succession...Eliza Bent and Daniel Kublick dazzled as the titular pair...'Tom & Eliza' is bound to make you laugh, gasp, cry, and ponder your own life and relationships. You’ll b...
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February 21st, 2016
"Directed and designed with a tight focus by Knud Adams...Adams pulls the production into [playwright] Song's rhythm, speeding forward until it doesn't, leaving the theater with an emotionally devastating ending...Song embraces the complexities of choosing to spend your life with a person...It's ...
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